48 Replies to “【Fate/Grand Order】Revised speed Bond farming example and Android vs iOS load times”

  1. Biggus Dickus

    I couldn't even play FGO on Iphone that easy since FGO isn't available in germany
    I have to download it from net and that isn't possible on Iphone so fck that ugly looking thing

  2. Adz

    Ah this makes sense, I've always thought the loading between games was a bit long lol. Idrm all too much unless if I'm doing some late last min farming.

  3. Buck

    I used to have a jailbroken iphone 6s and it wouldnt let me open FGO so my solution was playing with an emulator on my laptop
    So for like a month and a half I had to wait and wait and wait for the game to load, it literally took around 10 mins to open the game and maybe 1-2 mins to get into a battle

  4. Elecrom _

    I am an EU player so for me Android will always be the superior OS simply for the fact that you can install apps from outside the app store (aka. QuApp, aka the reason I can play this game without making 1000 new accounts somewhere)

  5. EternalFate 660

    So does that mean all android phones are this slow? I have a really old phone and wanted to get LG v30 because I had the v20 before it stopped working should I not get any android phone and instead get an IOS?

  6. Havokk

    Thanks for the tip, Rexlent! i'll save up for an iOS then since farming embers or mats for a specific servant class here in android kills you bit by bit since you have to wait 30 seconds for it to load.

  7. Rexlent

    Yes. Ioad times between runs are so short that there were no more intermittent breaks or waiting time like with the android. Also made my 1000 lottery box farming possible and a lot bearable.

    I'm not interested in the OS wars. If something runs better on FGO, then I'm getting it and it just happens to be iOS.

    As mentioned before, easy tests between iOS and android you can do if you're interested.

    Check for:
    Gilgamesh's NP frames stability
    Eric Bloodaxe NP frames stability
    Maid Alter NP frames stability
    Summer BB frames stability
    Dantes NP frames stability
    Lag for producing lots of critical stars and gathering them
    Servant death/Plugsuit swap load times
    NP fade-to-white load times

    You'll tend to notice these on android and they're just a few of the many examples I can give. None of those issues are present for iOS.

  8. Maynard

    Reason for buying an Iphone
    My friends: Flexs + they have the money
    Classmates: Flexs
    Parents and siblings: It's part of their mobile plan
    Me: FGO bond farming

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