?? ?? Why is Huawei so controversial? | Inside Story

For China, Huawei is a source of national pride: it’s written into the company’s name.
However, for the U-S and many western nations, the tech giant is a spying tool for the Chinese government.
The U-S says Huawei poses a security threat, and is pressuring allies in Europe and Asia to ban its products.
But Huawei is fighting back.
It’s suing the U-S government for not allowing its workers to use Huawei eqiupment.
And in Canada, the company is fighting the extradition of one of its top executives accused of flouting U-S sanctions on Iran.
So what’s really behind the controversy surrounding Huawei?

Presenter: Laura Kyle

Andrew Leung – Independent China Analyst and a Research Fellow at Beijing Normal University.

Richard Goodstein – lawyer and Democratic political consultant.

Marc Einstein – Chief Analyst for Digital Services at ITR Japan, a technology research firm.

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25 Replies to “?? ?? Why is Huawei so controversial? | Inside Story”

  1. Aaron H Teikk

    It’s a faulty argument by Goldstein that a comparable Chinese trial will be suspect while a US or Canadian one will not be. It’s a non sequitur and a red herring, if I may be allowed to mix the metaphors.

  2. Solange Semtob

    I'm kindof sad that I night get a different phone. Huawei is an extremely good phone. Ice had it for over two years and it still hasn't slowed down. Like Apple. And Samsung's do. I'm.just sad that I will have to get a different phone cuz I'm not comfortable using A phone with such controverse attaches to it.
    I wish everything would just be finalised

  3. Vanson Tran

    I am a free lance essay writer & I sincerely share my idea in this general view of situation. I hope that all Nations should consider each other as brothers and sisters in the same family. Sincerely, vst.


    (Palavering, Social Poem- Topic: Who Are Friends & Who Are Enemies?)

    The World Leaders today are facing, A Strange Phenomenon is the Post-Communist China Rising? (PCC) ; It just kept considering as One Hero is rising among the People? Like they are going to <Attend a Battle of Future Heroes Competition>, in our World Community? Our well-known Two or Three Heroes in our Heritage World … Are very busy & worry, because they can't eat & sleep peacefully? Also, many Scholars in our World Forums are also busy in their recent Workshops; But in a General Way, are they still Confused? To scope the Right Workshop Topic for All Intellectuals in the country… It is like already known the Conclusion? It is the Main Subject of <The Present Danger of the PC China Rising>? However, the Western Leaders of the Superpowers, are still embarrassed to <Identify a Right Direction>? Moreover, They haven’t had the ability to analyze <Who Are Friends and Who Are Enemies>? For Example <In A Super Martial Arts Challenge with Critical Topics, such as Media, Information, Science & Technology Industry>… On the Pts of Views of Business Earnings/Interests, through the above mentioned Ways of Trading, Who will be the Preys for World Business? Particularly, the Trade Business Surplus will be higher and higher?

    Which Objects Are Friends, and Which Ones are Your Enemies? Is It True that <The Martial Arts of the Western Countries Have Been In Confused?>? Because many of their High Technologies are reflecting <As Hurting their Own Country & their Own Alliances>? For Example, the Network Science Forms like Google, Amazon, Intergram, Face Books, etc… In these Martial Arts Game, their Reaction is too open, is it stolen, particularly our Intellectual Property? <Stealing Wisdom> is also considered as a higher level of Martial Arts Adaptation & Practice? And Expanding Income, these Martial Arts, Who is the Preferred Income for Business? If the Sales Balance in every year, it is Higher and Higher? How do you explain? About the General Administration/Management, on the pts of views of Martial Arts Training Courses today? Deeply speaking , all Modern Superpowers, still want to Compete or Emulate? But what is the Direction? Is It in the Same Frequency? At Present, are the Western Countries’ Objectives more and more different? While Everyone is clearly aware <PCC> is performing an Abnormal Policy? <The OBOR of PCC> seems still infiltrate into the Loose Frontlines of the West? Exp: from Australia, Greece, Africa, America, then EU. then Italy? A British (UK) or BREXIT is also considering as It Is Playing With Fire?

    Not to mention, we need to review again the Popular Martial Arts Method of many <Old or Previous Leaders>? From the time of Ex President R. Nixon & Ex FM Henry Kissinger to risk themselves into Danger Land of China to teach <their Martial Arts Skills for <the New Student who isn’t quite honest, like the PC China>? They did not keep or remain any defense lesson for themselves, or they forget the Main Strategy? Who Will Be Blamed for Today’s Consequences? Yourself, Allies or Friends? An Alibaba, a ZTE, a Huawei, many other Great Companies have also been promoted? PCC today has Its Trade Surplus & Its Capability still be increased?Promoting their Cards like Super Project <A Belt, Silk Road>? Will It Generate a lot of Charms into Asian African Countries Which Are Still Poor? But the United States and the Western Allies, haven’t never thought of, nor prepared enough the Required Qualities of this Super Martial Arts Playing Game… In order to draw their Small Allies out of Bad Situation, or of Being Hungry & Poor? In my opinion, when a Civilization, or a Culture, if planning totally to built, We must have Good & Sustainable Qualities? For how long, if Our Qualified Materials Are Not Met for this Building… The Dream Civilization or Culture will be difficult to Complete, even if, merely it still is A Super Project? Therefore, We need to Break Up, Investigate <The Quality of the Super Projects>? In order to Identify Out, the Leaders must Fix & must Adjust In Time? The the Main Policy and Its Strategy/Strategies must be <Timely Formed>? So that, in the Competitive Facing Views, It would be obtain <Successful Objectives or Project Gains/ Benefits>?

    Vanson Tran – 5/2019

  4. Chris Michalewicz

    is this MF is saying that someone have to proof his innocence? I don't care where you from! this is my CANADA ( I live here, pay taxes and my kids are future of this country). I really like the argument that something needs to be illegal here to face deportation, otherwise I can imagine that my government will deport all of us who had vacation in Cuba, invest in Russia or support any other country that hegemon don't like!!! in my vocabulary if I'm made to afraid of displaying of my convictions – it is some sort of terrorism. I like Huawei phones and will buy only them in future (price and features – I have nothing to hide and I can live without phone if it fails anyway :D)

  5. Sun Shine

    The fears the US uses to steer all its allies away is based purely on speculation. Now it asks the Chinese to prove that they are innocent. The US thinks the rest of the world is stupid. The US is the one that spies everybody in the world, all its allies leaders including their own cellphones as revealed by Snowden. Huawei technology is the best and to claim that it stealed from the US is a joke.

  6. Fitit

    OK. so where is the stolen American 5G? How did Ren Zhengfei steal something you didn't even make? His Phones, Computers and Servers do not use intel. They use ARM Tech. BBC, which was invented in another Country. Apple used ARM to get into the Smartphone business. Are you going to throw them in jail too?

  7. Edwin Choy


  8. john chan

    If Apple changed its name to “Huawei”, all these opposing countries will rush in.
    Maybe Huawei can change its location to New York and the US might be happy. Apple can relocate to Beijing. The western countries have been spying on everyone since time immemorial. And now they sound so saintly!

  9. liam

    The Americans just gutted they can't control the flow of money and technology so the USA propaganda machine goes into overdrive

  10. ** **

    Hates America huh….well …..100% would sell their stuffs and move to America!! When whites spy on
    Their citizens they just watch but when Asians spying on you YOU’RE DEAD ? or we clean you out($). I’m asian myself I’ve seen it…you know nothing about us asian…..USA is 10000000000% right….if there was ever a war Chinese communist will order Hauwei to shut down….think about it..

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