?? UK to allow limited 5G access to Huawei despite concerns | Al Jazeera English

Telcoms company Huawei is directly linked to the Chinese government but despite warnings from the United Kingdom’s intelligence services that this could compromise national safety, Britain has contracted it to roll out some parts of its 5G network.
The UK’s following in the footsteps of several other European countries who’ve already done similar deals with the Chinese company.

Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from London.

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35 Replies to “?? UK to allow limited 5G access to Huawei despite concerns | Al Jazeera English”

  1. s c

    Let's face it, the Western world led by America, is skeptical about anything from and about China. If it's not Huawei, it is something else, like human rights ignoring the fact that the Western World is the worst offender of all! Hua Wei is a very convenient and expedient excuse because America and the West are way behind China in 5G! Whether Huawei is linked to the Chinese Govt or not is clearly beside the point. Every Govt, particularly America, can exert control over its citizens or corporations by overt or covert means. So it is very naive to say for example Apple or Google is immune from Federal intervention or intrusion if the Fed Govt so chooses. America is a criminal state in which the Mafia Law prevails! It is trying to apply its Mafia Law globally! Good luck to that!

  2. tpmbe

    Pathetic we are not doing this in the UK using our own technologists…why Hauwei…its all about business dealings not UK jobs or investment in skills here.. we have lots of core knowledge on this

  3. Warren Mundell

    Arden from New Zealand said if the communications in her counrty want to use Hauwei, it's ok. That is latest i heard from her. Telus in Canada is still using many Hauwei parts.

  4. 6packter

    Australian bans HW because the incompetent govts Rudd and Turnbull started NBN $50 billion spent and after 5 years not even rolled out
    Ancient techno
    Money gone and too proud to admit their error

  5. 洪山玉



    Double video

    Many people have a round brown-black color at the junction of the thigh bones (at the buttocks), which comes from the 5G dual-video biochemical weapons. The ear and eye genes are implanted at the top and bottom of the upper thigh bone to allow people to have a second video viewing system. There are many people who have been infected, and many patients with cancer have this symptom. The other hand is about 6.4 cm long and has a horizontal double regular triangle, which is located on the front and back sides of the little finger of the palm. Four points on the wafer can solve many cancer problems.

  6. 洪山玉



    Video viewing

    Humans don't have tear glands, so they don't shed tears. The palm of the right hand has two regular triangles that are concentric and upside down with each other, with a total length of 6.4 cm as the Israeli flag. The upper and lower tips are the outlet of the lacrimal gland and the ear gland (caused by biochemical technology). In the middle of the two bottoms is the audio-visual entrance (tips up or down 1.6 cm). These four positions are affixed with a protective wafer to isolate 5G biochemical weapons damage. The Jews were charged with public funds for religious, mineral and artificial foods and were suspected of being associated with chemical and biological weapons. This was also the main cause of the First and Second World Wars.

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