🤔ONE question to help you choose? iPad Pro 11" vs 12.9" BUYERS GUIDE

So say you’ve got some extra cash lying around and an old iPad. If you’re thinking about upgrading to an iPad Pro but don’t know if you should get the 11″ or 12.9″, well, here’s one question that will help you decide:

Are you using this new iPad more for WORK or for PLAY?

In short, from my perspective, the more work you do on it, the bigger your screen should get.

In this video:

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3:49 iPad Pro 12.9″ Cons
6:05 iPad Pro 11″ Pros
8:14 iPad Pro 11″ Cons

The 12.9 Inch section is going to be quite a bit longer than the 11-inch section because, well, what’s good on the big one is most likely going to bad on the little one.

12.9 Pros

Now it may not sound like it, but the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is about the size of a normal piece of paper. With that size, I felt that it was much more natural for me to take the Apple Pencil and just treat it like a piece of paper.

With the larger screen, Apple was able to incorporate a full-sized keyboard with the 12.9 inch iPad Pro which means your hands won’t be as cramped during extended work sessions.

The keyboard on the 11-inch and smaller iPads now seem like a novelty after using a keyboard with the larger iPad.

I also found that the speakers on the larger iPad Pro were louder than the smaller iPad’s so if you’re either hard of hearing or doing everything without headphones, you’re going to enjoy the full sound the iPad Pro has to offer. In my quick test, I measured a difference of 2 decibels between the devices.

12.9 Cons
Now when it comes to the cons of this product, there are three with the first being the $200 dollar price difference. From my perspective, the second difference which is size, is the most obvious.

Now despite being only 2 inch’s larger in diagonal, the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is almost 40% heavier than the 11 inch iPad Pro. Which means prolonged usage with it in your hands gets tiring. This is really noticeable when you’re using the iPad on your back and this giant pane of glass comes slaps your face.

Now what goes hand in hand with bigger screens? More fingerprinting. With the bigger screen, I definitely noticed how much greasier my screen was on the 12.9-inch. Like 40% greasier…cleaning 11 inch screen could still be done with a sleeve but the 12.9 inch requires a trip to the sink and soap.

The last thing that got annoying every once in a while was FaceID not working because my face was too close to the device. Now to unlock my device, all I had to do was move my head back an inch.

BUT I never had any issues with FaceID on any other device except this 12.9 inch iPad Pro in terms of distance.

Why is this? Well, I think it’s because the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is optimized to read a face better at a working distance. Not Buzzfeed articles about Amazon product spam while sitting on the john.

So let’s talk about the Pros and Cons for the 11-inch iPad Pro. This will go by much quicker since you guys have already filled in the holes. What’s good with the big one is not good on the little one.

11 Pros
Smaller means it’s easier to use and dropping it on your face doesn’t hurt as much. Honestly, everytime I switch back to the 11-inch, I think to myself, this is a nice size. BUT everytime I switch back to the 11, I’m not working. I’m either reading or playing a game.

The 11 inch seems more like a book to me, a magazine as you can easily hold the device with one hand and still be doing something else. You could do the same with the 12.9 inch but it honestly feels like a small gust of wind would knock the device out of your hand.

The smaller screen means it’s much easier to keep the screen clean than it’s giant brother.

When it comes to using it with the Apple Pencil, the smaller size seems more suited for the note-taker. Someone who just needs to jot something down really quickly rather than someone like me.

Again, the keyboard is smaller, it’s sufficient for a quick jaunt to the coffee shop but anything that requires a solid couple of hours, the iPad Pro 11-inch’s pint sized keyboard couldn’t hold up. As I said at the beginning of the video, the more work you do, the bigger the screen needs to be.

For the iPad 11-inch, there were days where, if I didn’t need to use it for work, it would sit in my bag, usually dead. It was only during the weekends or days where I needed to film a video where the iPad would come out.

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47 Replies to “🤔ONE question to help you choose? iPad Pro 11" vs 12.9" BUYERS GUIDE”

  1. Reethika 1211

    I have got the 12.9 inch. The split screen is amazing , Netflix is great, note taking is so damn good feels just like paper cuz of the size. No regrets 💯💕

  2. Foxipep

    Ipad Pro 11 inch is better for gaming
    Ipad Pro 12.9 inch is better for work of course because it has a bigger screen and has more screen real estate, it's also better for drawing just because it's bigger

    The bigger the better?

  3. Post Concussion Gaming

    I choose the 12.9 for several reasons. Poor eye sight, video watching, video editing, picture editing, just bigger surface less cramping….. I will be investing in an RavPower Travel Hub so I don't need a ton of storage but I do want a full size keyboard. Thanks for the video.

  4. cindy 13

    I spend most of my time studying on ipad, pdf annotations, writing/typing notes, watching lecture videos. At first i was 11inch user but after spending around 6months with 11 inch, i decided to sold it and get 12.9 and i made the right decision. Because for this year i'm going completely paperless. Before i use 10.9 ipad air with books, that's fine. Going paperless completely, 12.9 is the right choice. In my opinion.
    For screen protector, i use elecom bond type, with reasonable price it did an excellent job.

  5. Butterfly

    I already have decent drawing monitor and was looking for a mobile device to do some of my comics work on. I'm having a hard time deciding between bigger screen and easier to hold. I think I will probably get the 11inch because I think tool bars wont be taking up much screen on this tablet and if I really want a bigger screen for certain stuff I can use my drawing monitor. My worry is that I will love drawing on it and want to do a lot of work on it and might need the bigger screen,

  6. studieswithmyra

    Chose the 12.9 inch cause I had a Samsung tablet 10.9 inch and whats the point if I were to buy 11 inch lol. Anyways. I bought it because I do digital notes ,planning and hopefully art in the future. They have developed apps for note taking and as for android they have according to me " beta versions" like noteshelf android.

    12.9inch is my choice for notetaking and all as well is because I would love the bigger writing space hehe

  7. Carmen Renee

    The 11” is absolutely perfect for my needs. Who wants to transport a tv around everywhere they go? 😂 I like the 12.9. But it’s seriously just not an option for ME for my go to daily grab and go. Good video😍

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