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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been my daily driver for 1 month – With a huge 6.4″ display, SD 845, up to 8 GB of RAM, up to 1 TB of storage and a 2-day 4000mAh battery. So does the Note9 live up to the hype – and should you buy it? Amazon US: | UK:

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21 Replies to “1 Month with the Galaxy Note 9! | The Tech Chap”

  1. Carlos Ferreira

    Hi! Thanks for the review. I have the oneplus5 and I want to buy the note9. 1 thing I am concern about is the iris/face recognition, because in the op5 is so fast and aqurate with large angles of action. Could anyone tell me if they are comparable or better/worse? Following the channel from Spain.?

  2. Oliver Gottbehüt

    There is an app called bxActions (the orange, not the blue icon one in the store is the free version for germany, no need for the 3 Euro pro version) where you can use the bixby button for flashlight, camera and many more options. Also without the app there is an option that you have to double click the button in order to open bixby in the Samsung UI. So no more frustrating situations.

  3. Mr.Riffian

    It's still a Google thing that holds me back from this powerhouse. After years of using Android I'm done with Google's hunger for data collecting. Next phone will be a iPhone although I'm not a fan of Apple.

  4. Richie Rich

    Great review.. I'm thinking king though that the mate 20 pro surpasses the note 9 on screen quality. I have both and I do think the mate is just a tad better, less saturated, more accurate and has better HDR reproduction…..

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