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The Huawei P20 Pro is incredible – it has the BEST photography camera and the BEST battery on any flagship phone right now. It does look exactly like the iPhone X – but is that a bad thing? Here’s my full review of the P20 Pro & why it’s my new daily driver. Buy UK: | US: [TBC]

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44 Replies to “1 Month with the Huawei P20 Pro | The Tech Chap”

  1. ThatWolffe

    I have litterely never met anyone who actually records in 4k on their phone lol, why are all the reviewers complaining abou the stabalisation on the 4k mode?

  2. Shaun foley

    Hi I have this phone but I’m used to an iPhone. when I take a picture on the Huawei and I try to expand it by the screen it only expands so far unlike my iPhone. Is there a way around this once you have taken the picture?

  3. Mike Gledhill

    Excellent review, thanks ! The P20 Pro is currently 499 CHF (£377) without a contract, from one of the main high street electronics stores here in Switzerland, so if anyone's coming skiing over here, don't forget to buy your electronics here.
    (Everything is expensive in Switzerland, except petrol and electronics… I've no idea why !)

  4. JSmith

    you are active promoting thief to pillage western wealth, and use the wealth to steal more and more and threaten everyone around the world.
    unbelievable stupid

  5. Reconstructed

    The audio and video on my Instagram stories don't sync.. This phone is amazing, but I cannot fix this issue and searched the whole internet for days.

    Any suggestions how to make longer IG stories than 15 sec, where the audio is in sync with the video?

  6. Aj Chung

    Guys it's extremely expensive in my country and I'm getting a seller located in the us that's selling it fairly reasonable on Alibaba but would like to know what i need to ask to verify if it's a fake/not?Also are there any other places in the US that sells reasonable online?Any help appreciated!

  7. Jon Lindal

    I am very disappointed with those positive youtube reviews about the Huawei P20 pro. How can you be so happy with the camera in this phone??? I got one and must say it is the most expensive piece of phone junk I have ever wasted money on. Yes, of course it is has some pros, battery is good, charger is fast, the screen is nice, it works well for web browsing etc. What makes this phone a piece of junk is the camera and the software related to the camera. After all the hype about the camera in this phone I was expecting it to work properly. But it is not like that. Currently it is not possible to record videos and then watch them on another device, like a laptop screen. Videos do not work if downloaded (exported) to a laptop. Generally video recording with this phone is a bad experience since video stabilizing is very limited and even in those modes it should work it does not make much improvement. The autofocus in the camera is also very undependable in genaral, both for stills and vids. The (optical) zoom is a useless gimmick that just washes out the pics. So is the portrait mode. It is not about getting the nice bokeh one would expect from such a feature, but it is washing out the subject in the picture. Colors are nice when taking pics outside in the sunshine but indoors they are way off, no matter how one sets the white balance. The only camera feature in this smartphone that is probably better than in other smartphones is the night mode. It makes useful pics in very low light situations. That makes me wonder why Huawei has failed so in most other ways with the camera in this phone. Another camera feature I like is the B/W mode, the B/W pics have good contrast that reminds me of the old days when lot of photography was in black and white.

    Probably it is too late since this phone is getting old now, but maybe I can save some people a few bucks by warning them about this phone as a camera phone. It is a total failure in that area since it is not giving good results in many normal situations and the unstabilized videos can only be viewed internally on the phone.

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