1 Week Later…is the iPhone XR worth it?? – iPhone XR Review

This is a review of the iphone XR. 1 week later, is the iphone xr worth it?
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33 Replies to “1 Week Later…is the iPhone XR worth it?? – iPhone XR Review”

  1. Paco Rodriguez

    Thank you for the review my daughter whose 14 just talked to me in ordering this for her but I really knew nothing about it… $750 is a lot of money for a parent to be purchasing on a phone but it looks like it's going to be well worth it just got an email from UPS in the delivery is coming today I think my kid will be quite excited… she currently has the iPhone 6s

  2. Aakarshan Bhagat

    So you like the FaceID more than any phone with fingerprint sensor on the back or something but still want Apple to embed fingerprint sensor in their screen? That's called double standards. Let's just cut the crap and say Apple fucked up in this case. Physical Fingerprint sensors are way better than anything on the market right now.

  3. Robin Schaeffer

    I have an iPhone 7 and I’ve seem to have hit a wall. I don’t really know which phone to upgrade to. People are telling me “pick the iPhone XS Max” and “pick the iPhone XR”. Ugh. Any thoughts?

  4. David Castellanos

    I’ve bought the 6s when the 8 plus came out, now the X series came out, my financial aid on the way. I think it’s time I got an upgrade. 64 GB is more than enough and for a starting price of 750 for one of the newest models? That’s a bargain. I’m not a super tech wiz but it seems to be that it’s a pretty high upgrade for a reasonable price. I’ll buy one soon enough. In fact this is my 4th review I watched about it lol

  5. zaro

    Might fuck around and switch to the XR from the XS. The OLED strains my eyes from the screen being too bright for me, even at lowest brightness with reduced white point. Plus, the battery drains pretty quick.

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