1 Week With The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra | CONFLICTED!

1 week after my official Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra unboxing, here are my more in-depth impressions! Before my full review, I briefly talk over my expectations and real world day in the life sort of use. Before full comparisons vs S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max etc can be shared, I talk camera, battery and the differences between the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ and the Exynos 990 chipset. Benchmark, camera and battery drain test videos to follow.

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50 Replies to “1 Week With The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra | CONFLICTED!”

  1. engadge

    I just love the Note 20 Ultra (Snapdragon Variant of course). But I am currently rocking the S10 Plus which also is working like a charm

  2. Dilip Kandel

    Samsung note 20 ultra is amazing but sucks that samsung are so cheapminded selling this phone with
    Same exynos chipset but in America they using the latest snapdragon 865 plus chipset but using the same s20 exynos chip on the note 20 ultra and plus the chipset of s20 was inferior to s20 snapdragon making the gap even wider and sell phone more expensive in some country than America for smomething that inferior to the customers meanwhile
    They using snapdragon in south korea because they no it sucks exynos is slower and hotter and drain battery faster and lower quality photos than snapdragon 😡😡😡😡

  3. TheMystro1971

    Love the curved screen of my Note 20 Ultra. It is THE top premium phone on the market for this and next year. I tested the IPhone 12 Pro and the Note 20 Ultra crushes it. Apple is still 2 generations behind with screen and form factor.

  4. reviewfor thetube

    Did you really just say you think they should of allowed quad HD with 120hz so they should of made a phone at the level of hdmi 2.1 when we still dotn have that perfected yet lol brotha that wasn't going to happen idk if ive ever heard anybody knowledgeable about tech ever say something so crazy when we are just now getting 4k at 120hz to work correctly lol it wasn't going to happen on a phone of 4k display at 120hz refresh lol that was a good one tho yeah they should just allow it lol it takes much more then just allowing it 😆

  5. S M

    I bought this phone but the first day I got it was shaking it was a little noise inside so I shake or moved it left and right to figure it out what was this noise find out was a camara lense I called best buy I have not received a new one soon they send a damage note20 ultra 512gb

  6. TiffyJ MotherOf4

    I love my note the way it is only one problem I have is that I wanted that 256 storage option. I love the curved screens feels amazing in my small hands. And it looks beautiful. I don't like that they gave us 2 different chips tho. Most be a certain reason why.

  7. InsideTech

    I have the note 20 ultra I just wish it had a bigger battery or faster charging because it doesn’t last all day I think they should put a 10,000mah in it

  8. buster colin

    I don't like the curved displays now, I hope the S21 series will be a flat display. Strange how you can get a Samsung phone with Snapdragon in the UK with the S20 FE.

  9. Luke Chapman

    @ASBYT Is the note 20 ultra worth getting in the UK? I currently have the iPhone XS Max and my contract ran out a few weeks ago and been looking for a new phone. What would you recommend?

  10. rush77shah

    I order my note from US, for me the chipset makes the difference in battery life for abt 1 hr from 4 hrs exynos to 5 hrs snapdrag (usage 100% to 15%)

  11. Laura Davis

    Hi there! Thanks for the review. I have a Galaxy Note 9 and I love it except for the delay in focusing and motion blur in the live focus feature. I am thinking of switching to an IPhone 12 for the portrait mode. I want a new phone and I would get the Galaxy 20note but I wish the problem didn't exist. Would you say it is less problematic with the Galaxy not 20?

  12. Harry Wexler Jr. MBA

    Its hard to decide. I prefer the curved edges in a lot of ways but like the spen too, and its a pain using the spen on curved edges, especially since I write in that 10 percent stat

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