10+ Awesome Hidden Features for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus

10+ Hidden Features & Tips for Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus

In this video, I will share 10+ Hidden Features and Tips for your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are fantastic smartphones full of features that are begging to be explored. So let’s dive in and discover.


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39 Replies to “10+ Awesome Hidden Features for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus”

  1. Peter Gilbert

    Could you make a video with actual secret features and gestures and not just stuff that is right in front of you or in the main settings, things that don't jump right in front of you if looking for features.
    3:52 with the notifications you can do this with any app. Settings, Notifications, scroll down to designed app, and edit notification setting for the app there. Or, settings, apps, scroll to desired app, Notifications. Or, if you currently have a notification from drop down menu pull down from top, hold down on notification, press details.
    5:45 I haven't been through a winter with my new S9+, but with my old Note 4 turning on touch sensitivity helps out a lot with thick winter gloves. As far as a case goes, I have owned 3 touch screen devices with cases and plastic screen protectors and I have never had touch sensing issues.

  2. Naima Mim

    There is no point to follow u guys as u r celebrating for us we like ur video comments and subscribe but u never replied any comment though I asked a question about my s9plus that's so disappointing

  3. Taiwankiddo2

    Oh my gosh, Thank you!!! I have had the S8 plus for a year and didn't know this stuff. I use my phone more than a computer. I am upgrading today to S9 plus, and these things are so very useful. Some things that I saw just in happen stance even, during this video is helpful. Thank you!!!

  4. 2RevoWa

    Nice video I am not sure about All other Andriod phones out there however I know on my 2 other LG phones I couldn't use the Selfie stick Shutter BUTTON to take pictures like I can with my Iphone or Ipod 5th Gen. However the Good news with the Stick I have I am able to use the Shutter Button that works with the S9. I have so much to learn with the phone still but Love it so far. I have had it about a month only used normal functions so far. However today while looking to take some pictures in my Garage Storage area with my Mono Pod Selfie Stick I thought I wonder if it will work on this phone. Hooked it up plugged in the cord and Yes it did work.. So for others that have the S9 and a Shutter button on a Selfie Stick that would work with iPhone it maybe like mine and work for the S9 as well….. To me that was a Hidden Feature so I thought I would share that

  5. Abe Ibrahim

    Hi Saki – Can you please make a tutorial on how to add a printer so one can print a document from the S9+, and anything you can think of in a "Office" environment, Thanks!

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