10 Cool New WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try

Looking for secret or hidden features in WhatsApp? We bring you some very cool WhatsApp tricks, tips and hacks for Android and iPhone that you should try.

Video Walkthrough:

1. Change font: 0:33
2. Use multiple accounts on phone and PC: 1:06
3. Read messages without sending Read Receipts: 1:47
4. Embed previous text in reply: 2:13
5. Block notification previews: 2:41
6. Share media to multiple contacts: 3:46
7. Find who you talk to most: 4:14
8. Formatted text: 4:33
9. Check who has read your message in groups: 5:00
10. Unblock yourself from someone’s account: 5:23

Parallel Space App:

All in One Messenger App:

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Older WhatsApp tricks:

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