10 cool things to do with Samsung Galaxy Watch!

Here are 10 cool things to do with Samsung Galaxy Watch!

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40 Replies to “10 cool things to do with Samsung Galaxy Watch!”

  1. Abdullah Gondal

    Sadly..!!! I got my frontier in used from someone and he scammed me because the display of my watch is amoled burn in plz make a video on how to check and what to before buy a used s3 or samsung smartwatch..???

    Iam also going to scam someone who doesnt know about it?????

  2. Michael Twietmeyer

    Hello again, Nice video – very informative!

    I'd like to introduce you to Modality 2.0 – the completely reworked, revolutionary four-button typing system for Samsung Watch, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Android – and hear your thoughts. You may remember previously reviewing Modality 1.0 for Samsung Watch. Loved your video on that!
    Joyful Machines would like to invite you with a free download code to try Modality 2.0. Let me know which devices you use, and we'll send you a redemption code(s) right away.

    Mike Twietmeyer
    Joyful Machines

  3. Andrew S

    Don't buy this shit. I did and my watch lasted 2 months before many of the features (wake-up gesture, HRM, pedometer) stopped working. Now I am fighting with Samsung to get my watch replaced.

  4. Junaid Egale

    Recieved Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm yesterday and I'm not satisfied the fact that the watch does NOT work with my current apps any.do, gmail, google keep notes, facebook messenger etc… It's not what I expected…

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