10 Egg Tricks

10 Egg Cooking Tricks/Hacks/Tips

This video shows you 10 great tips to cook your eggs in new and innovative ways.
The egg tricks in the video are:

1. Herb & cheese fried egg hack
2. Eggs Devaux, aka airy egg hack
3. Bacon egg baskets
4. Radioactive eggs trick
5. Pink egg heart trick
6. Herb poached egg hack
7. Toasted bread egg tip
8 Ying Yang Egg
9. Vegetable rings egg trick
10. The black egg trick

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47 Replies to “10 Egg Tricks”

  1. somebodyswatchin5

    It IS best not to over cook proteins, so soft-boiled is good and allowing eggs to reach room temperature is better before boiling, then draining and immediately plunging into cold water allows for smooth peeling.

  2. RJC 72

    Either scramble it or make it like it's in a McDonald's Egg McMuffin! Otherwise, forget it! Runny yolks are out of the question!

  3. Tom Bourne

    Dude awesome recipes, but the way you cut the meal up at the end is annoying for some reason lol it's like you don't cut it up to get a good picture and bite. Like the toast egg, you cut a perfect combination of egg and toast for a good bite, then you cut the egg away from the today making the whole thing pointless!! Lol

  4. no name

    You do eggs in a basket a little different than me I cut the hole in the center and then I dip the bread into a bowl of raw egg just like I'm making french toast and then I crack the egg in the middle for me to do like two three pieces it's like seven eggs but I love eggs

  5. kris Thompson

    Jamie has built an empire out of simplifying cooking , this guy has taken a lesson from him. back to basics I love it and his non hight-brow simplicity….

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