10 iPhone Settings Everyone Should Change (iOS 12)

Today we are taking a look at 10 iPhone settings that you should all be changing right now!
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Hope you guys find this useful! Enjoy! I’ll see you, in the next video 🙂
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35 Replies to “10 iPhone Settings Everyone Should Change (iOS 12)”

  1. Luigi Manna

    Automatic Software Update is the worst advise ever. If the Software Update screws up your iphone or slows it to a crawl you're screwed. Trusting Apple (or MS or Google) blindingly is bad practice. Always wait to apply a software update.

  2. Transit Of Venus

    I can name 10 better options to change haha.

    1. Rise to wake is annoying as hell, turn that off

    2. Battery > Battery percentige (iPhone 8 and older)

    3. Display and Brightness > Night shift. Good for your eyes at night, helps you sleep.

    4. Do not Disturb > Scheduled. I have mine turn on at night so i'm not distracted while sleeping. Be sure to have Repeated calls on, just in-case.

    5. General > Accessibilty > Face ID and Attention > Attention Aware Features, turn this off. Stops your phone going quiet when you are looking at it.

    6. General > Keyboard > Text replacement, handy to put shortcuts to longer words so you don't need to type them

    7. Notifications > Show previews > When unlocked. Stop people perving or quick replying to your messages.

    8. <your name at the top> > iCloud > Find My iPhone > Send Last Location. Just incase your phone is stolen you can see where it was before it died.

    9. Screen Time, helps you monitor what you most use your phone for, and set limits or downtime to help you not spend all your time on a app or app type.

    10. Lastly for the love of god change the defualt Ringtone / Text tone. to many people use the defualt option. it's in Sounds and Haptics.

  3. Ged Woods

    I can’t update mine. It says i need WiFi but coz I’m bed bound and ill. All I have is mobile data. So it’s never been updated. Nothing really I can do about it.

  4. Jason Kaiser

    WHOA…latest firmware does NOT equal better battery performance. It's sometimes the opposite. You should NOT automatically update, but wait to see what the community says about the performance of a new update or even better, just follow Brandon Butch on Youtube. He regularly tests ever single release, beta and otherwise, and gives very reliable and informative information. Now, THAT'S a solid tip!

  5. T743 C368

    I’m on ios 11.4 , i have iPhone 7 , and I’m loving it, no lag , battery life is very good , and I’m thinking to upgrade to this new ios 12.1.4 , what do you think guys , i need some advice ? …. pls give me ur thoughts on that matter

  6. Hritick Sarker

    NO! Do NOT switch automatic updates on. Ever heard of serious bugs in new releases? With it off you can wait for others to suffer first before you decide if it's safe to update.

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