10 OVERLOOKED iPhone Tips & Tricks!

There are a lot of tips, tricks, and features that iPhone use throughout the day. However, there are some overlooked features that I feel like iPhone owners are not taking full advantage of. In this video, I give you my 10 overlooked tips and tricks for your iPhone.

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44 Replies to “10 OVERLOOKED iPhone Tips & Tricks!”

  1. oj simpson

    This is by far the best tips video for an iPhone i've ever seen. Very impressed with moving multiple icons around on the home screen. I had no idea.

  2. Justincase8

    When I first saw your video. I thought yeah I’ve seen it before. WOW i was wrong awesome tips video bro. So i liked it and hit the subscribe button.

  3. Luis Coppin, Jr.

    Hello, I’ve seen videos of closing all apps at once with a red line at the top of an app if long pressed. I haven’t figured this out yet. Is there a way?? Thanks.

  4. raceface_m

    Reading the comment section… you guys do know that your phones actually have a tips app that came with your phone, right? It has all these… it has a lightbulb icon called “tips.”

  5. Dennis Vance

    Thanks for the tips about clear all tabs, if I ever knew about it I’ve forgotten. And I’m sure I never heard about being able to retrieve deleted tabs. Very useful.

  6. Kristian Larsen

    Oh great… You can clear all the safari tabs at once, but not multitasking… Why use safari anyway when chrome is available? I'm gonna quit watching this trash video now using my close all apps option.

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