10+ Power-user tips & tricks for Google Chrome on Android

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48 Replies to “10+ Power-user tips & tricks for Google Chrome on Android”

  1. Birty Dugger

    Hi, thanks for the tips, i have a question if i may, i recently installed the latest update of android oreo to my galaxy j5 and was watching a movie on a website on chrome, and I accidentally returned to the homescreen but with the movie screen size minimized smaller like on YouTube when you can play a video while browsing, i don't know how i did it and really would like to know how, so if you or anyone can tell me how it would be greatly appreciated

  2. D - Vibe

    Man , I know more than you in this case , I've fully customised my chrome browser , you've just showed the basics dude , show something new !

  3. maxine nerida

    Hey this is just a random question. Uhm how can i have the SHARE button on chrome appear?? It really frustrates me cause i don't have the option on chrome. PLEASE HELP

  4. iCoerce

    The beautiful thing about this is that it also applied to most chromium based browsers. I currently use Tugabrowser and every tip works.

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