10 PRO tips to master your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Phenomenal GALAXY Note9 Pro Tips
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There are some phenomenal features in the Galaxy Note 9 that very few people know of and even fewer people are using. In this video, my aim is bring alive those hidden features, tips/tricks or hacks that can truly make your Galaxy Note 9 experience amazing.

Tip 1: Tap on quick setting toggle names to open setting details without going into actual settings menu.

Tip 2: Pin reminders on always on display

Tip 3: Set call recording or record calls manually with in-built phone feature

Tip 4: Using Smart Select with the S Pen to share any part of the screen you are on with your friends over any app

Tip 5: Turn on Cinematic surround sound effect in your earphones by activating the Dolby Atmos especially for Netflix and YouTube

Tip 6: Reduce animations – speed up the Samsung One UI interface by increasing transition speeds

Tip 7: Set up always on display to only activate on tapping the phone’s surface thereby saving you battery

Tip 8: Change the brightness of the always on display

Tip 9: Set up your screen unlock to a combination of pin + face + fingerprint + iris for the fastest and the most secure way to unlock the Note 9

Tip 10: Customize how notifications appear on the lock screen

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33 Replies to “10 PRO tips to master your Samsung Galaxy Note 9”

  1. JRG 11

    USA … people! You do not have the option to RECORD CALLS, as it's illegal to use. So our carriers have removed it! Which doesn't bother me… I don't think you should be able to record anyone without their consent! Agree??? Thumbs this up Plz so others can see that are looking ty

  2. DJC

    the UI update sucks, they really screwed the note 9 up with this update and are gonna have better features on note 10

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