10 Superb Tips & Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8

In this video, I will share 10 Superb Tips and Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that you need to know. These tips and tricks will further enhance the ownership of your Galaxy Note 8.

Let’s dive in.

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48 Replies to “10 Superb Tips & Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8”

  1. Chrystel Davis

    Do you know if there's a way to enable a read or seen message indicator that you can get when you send a message and you want to know if the person read the message?

  2. The Full Shilling

    Great vid Saki, your usual high and useful standard.
    It would be nice if one could INCREASE the brightness of the AOD. in a dark or unlit room the light sensor closes it down. That for me, renders it next to being useless.

  3. Tim

    note series are pretty good, once bought can be used for at least 2 times longer than others, as specs are powerful

  4. Elizabeth D

    Husband and I had the Galaxy S9 plus. But we switched carriers bc Sprint was too expensive and has too many fees. So yesterday we got the Note 8 and so far we are loving it❣

  5. ABS

    Why when I have a cover on my note 8 the display will always be black but when I remove my cover I can see the clock and date and everything?

  6. lori thorpe

    Very informative video , thanks, ive actually got a picture with aod , just don't see the point in it , but does it really use that much battery , sorry for asking , still new to this fone .

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