10 Things iPhone Does Better Than Android!

10 Things iPhone Does Better Than Android! – In this video we take a look at 10 features of owning an iPhone that make it better than owning an Android phone. Share your comments, feedback, questions, concerns below and enjoy the video. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace!




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46 Replies to “10 Things iPhone Does Better Than Android!”

  1. Hridoy Govinda Das

    10 things iPhone does better than Android.
    10: nothing
    9: nothing
    8: nothing
    7: nothing
    6: nothing
    5: nothing
    4: nothing
    3: nothing
    2: nothing
    1: costs way more, does way less, aka nothing.

  2. RG

    Ive owned both iphone and android. Right now i have an ipad and an android based phone, motorola.. What ive noticed is that ios based systems are WAY more stable to use, and the feelgood factor using those plattforms are miles ahead compared to android based units. The ipad is never laggy, the battery capacity is wonderful, and it never lets me down. I use it at work, at home, on the plane and it does the job very well! Even products from microsoft like office is no match for the ipad. The main reason i dont buy an iphone is simply because its way too expensive. Android phones has got many options, and a jungle of apps available, but many of those apps are simply just junk, and may even contain spyware. The motorola has god a really good interface, compared to some other android phones ive used, and its very cheap, however all the andriod phones ive owned have become laggy and unstable after a year or so, the same goes with the battery capacity. If the price tag was way lower, i would have chosen iphone. The pricetag compared to what you actually get is what makes me choose android based motorola phones, simply because it way to risky carrying around a extremely expensive phone. The pad however is something i use with great care, carrying it around like a small laptop.. All i all, apple makes quality products that is easy to use, very stable and has god a great feelgood factor.

  3. Zigod Gaming

    Lol does iPhone have a Qualcomm 845 (2.8GHz) apple(2.39GHz) prosserers or a gif keyboard or a one handed mode or a close all tab or have a quick tab to 5 apps or a good camera or a health app or a beast mode for faster speed ??? no I'll go on With the Messages on the Samsung you can give your text a subject. And reply to them without opening message app also has glove mode so touch sensitivity is higher also can write notes ON your screen with Samsung. AND Samsung has dual audio…..

    tell me if you want more or no

  4. getmemedlul

    I think the best thing about an iPhone is the safety I will surely have an iPhone as my secondary device even if it's an old one because of its safety would just have all my bank details on it

  5. Marvia Davis

    Android is better because you have to pay for every Games in the apple appstore even if don't have to pay you have to setup something to get the app unlike android

  6. good0ldave

    Good GOD I'm hoping this review is a spoof. Android users have the exact same support as Apple- every electronics store that sells Androids. Duh. And what do you mean by "better sychronization"? Plug any Android into a PC with a usb cable and your android behave like a memory stick. Drag and drop to a folder on the phone and you instantly have new music. You can use it to store your word documents in a pinch too. iTunes OTOH proves that Apple hates you, and wants you to suffer. Claiming Apple is better because they offer FEWER choices and LESS freedom…do you live in North Korea by any chance?

  7. Cubic Ralsei

    It does nothing better.
    Some of these features are in launchers and android even has an actual file explorer, unlike the crappy cloud service that nobody uses. You can't even download things from the internet except apps, and the performance is terrible.

  8. XtenvoGaming

    If the os is better then install iOS, gaming experience on an iPhone feels more cheaper, they simply don't give one. Android phone companies like Xiaomi or OnePlus make phones much cheaper then your newest iPhone that you think is the best phone in the world until you start playing high end games like asphalt 9 or fortnite. I saw on a benchmark test list, the iPhone xs Max ranked 59 and topped at it's highest at 48! and the Xiaomi mi 8's top highest score ranked 4th place and avg ranked 36 prob because the phone gets a little hot during the test. iPhone wants you to buy because of the brand and your magically the cool kid. Choose your phone wisely and share this comment.

  9. XX LMBN

    the only thing it does better at is Being overpriced, propietary and sucking you into its botnet and ecosystem of crapple products.

  10. Nihal kp

    Syncing between apple device is fine , what about sharing with other friends ? There are some limitations when it comes to daily life use

    Apple pay ??? Samsung pay is accepted almost anywhere with MST Technology , far far better that Apple pay which is just NFC ?

    RAM management is also better on android, app launching maybe faster on iPhone , but There is app restart issue when using multiple apps , even on latest iPhone

    What about multi-Window ?? U cant do it on an iPhone?

    What about siri ? ?
    New samsung Bixby can do anything with your phone

    What you mean by security ? Even your twin brother can unlock Face ID ?

    Im a Samsung Galaxy Note series user , and it is best smartphone experience I ever had ,Galaxy Spen can do alot of things.., Do Bigger Things Bro ?

  11. Akram Alkamha

    One big fat reason why iPhone is better than Galaxy is that it doesn't run a cheap "candy named" android system that is exposed to viruses and encrypted files, which is why iPhones feel more natural to use and less laggy to operate. IPhones define originality, high quality and reliability, they have hundreds of local stores that you can actually walk into and get help by their outstanding customer service that Samsung or any android company will never ever come close to it… Apple is not worried about Samsung's extra little features that your mostly never gonna use anyway..& they will continue to sell the most and have higher reselling value to their products.

  12. Ivan Petrov

    I hate when people compare Ios vs fucking old android bruh get some of the new androids that just came out, OnePlus 6T just got award for the best 2018 phone what Is this phone you're showing us? Fucking motor G5+? WTF IS THIS PHONE?!! NOBODY USES THAT!!

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