10 Tips to Extend Your Android Phone Battery Life!

These are proven tips that will extend the battery life of your Android phone. While our smartphones continue to get more powerful with faster processors and larger screens, those lithium-ion batteries that power our phones haven’t improved at the same rate. In this video, I’ll show you 10 proven tips that will improve the battery life on your Android phone.

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“Android Tips” Playlist

0:23 Settings
1:01 Network & Internet
2:03 Connected Devices
2:34 Apps & Notifications
3:21 Battery
4:16 Display
6:22 Security & Location
7:01 Lite Apps

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35 Replies to “10 Tips to Extend Your Android Phone Battery Life!”

  1. TechGumbo

    …or you could download more battery power. ?? Seriously, I'd also recommend staying away from the so-called "battery saver" apps. Over the years, all I have tested have NEVER extended the battery life on any phone. In some cases they have reduced the battery life.

  2. Tucker Gaming

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  3. John Wheeler

    I must have the only mobile phone that lets you use the internet with wifi when airplane mode is on
    Its only a £40 crappy Chinese phone
    its an "AllCall S1"

  4. MGodGamer Tips And Tricks

    Hello your videos are great and have inspired me to make youtube videos like you please support me if you can you make interesting videos that help people by choosing what softwares to use and how to use as well and you explain very well what does the software/website does thanks alot and please support me as well

  5. Jase

    The problem when I use Messenger Lite is clicking on a messenger link takes me to the play store to install messenger instead of opening messenger lite. It even says that there is the alternative already installed but when I click on it it doesn't take me to the original link. Anybody know how to fix this?

  6. Pvt. Duckling

    You missed literally THE most important thing of all… DO NOT CHARGE 100%!
    Use AccuBattery to see how much you should charge, 20-70% is usually the sweet spot with only 0.02 cycles per charge on the Oneplus 6T (100% is 1 cycle, 80% is 0.5 cycles).
    Additionally, root the phone if your manufacturer didn't make it too much of a hassle. This will allow you to get an app that turns off charging automatically when it reaches a certain percentage (like 70%). Rooting is also NOT illegal, don't believe the lies, it's literally just Admin mode for your phone (except Linux kind of admin, so "super admin" might be a better word).

    I used to drop 1% capacity after every charge to 80%, after I targeted 70% instead, I haven't dropped a single mAh in a week.

  7. NAWW

    Dude this is creepy last time I bought a Roku and you Made a video about it and this time I got an android and having battery issues and this video. You staking me?

  8. Presdir Melvern

    Nice video : ).But i want to ask a question, What emulator are you using?Btw,restricting multitasking capabilities help to save battery life.Also,don't turn on Wi-Fi if the Wi-Fi signal is bad because the phone will struggling finding a good signal.And where is the best free software of 2018?

  9. Oleashed

    Hey Tech, mind explaining why our phones some times gain power if it's off and it's exposed to the sun even though the battery is covered?

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