10 Tips & Tricks For iPhone XS & XS Max!

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50 Replies to “10 Tips & Tricks For iPhone XS & XS Max!”

  1. Thomas Streiff

    I was bored and surfing YouTube for videos on the iPhone XsMax that I just purchased to see if there is anything new. I’m pretty Savvy and in IT (Engineer). Gotta say I never knew about the calculator and, for me at least, the last tip is the best one! Never knew that about passwords! Well worth the watch, thanks for the very useful info!

  2. Robert Hughes

    If you tap your compass it marks the spot and then leaves a red track as you move the compass. No idea what good it is. Just figured it out sitting here.

  3. Beth Lake

    Bell now support esim. I have my work number and sim which is Telus in the sim port and my person Bell number in the esim port. No more carrying 2 phones!

  4. Shameika Peebles

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  5. ChimpsterFPV

    Super cool. The first Tip is my Favorit!

    But i have a Tip for you in case noboy told you befoe.

    You dont need to pull the Home Bar up to Switch between Apps, just swipe it.

  6. brian Bekers

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  7. hollowleg911

    I didn’t know about several of them. Calculator, refresh WiFi, passwords, I might as well say almost all of them. Didn’t get an answer yet as to why I’m on here, but hopefully I can find it somewhere ?

  8. Jazz Perkins

    You can lock your notes with a password… before I upgraded to the Xs max, I used to be able to drop my screen down half way by touching (not pressing) the home button twice. Is there a way to drop down the display on the max?

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