10 ways Android 10 will help you

Introducing Android 10 – accessible, inclusive and safe. See the latest features that make it our most helpful release yet.

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41 Replies to “10 ways Android 10 will help you”

  1. Mirza Afrid

    Improve Android 10 because whatsapp floating service not working on oppo reno 2z. Floating service is most important for everyone.please improve your activity

  2. ปัญญา ฤกษ์สกุลชัย

    Google has drive v.2 iPhones 11 if it buile new chrome cast and cached just provider post share from hack bluetooth my car in fo call bad tell fbi cliam it how much to may be crazy god in projects wiki settings tact features it be also me to another nothink design tool note web link Google Google opensource sdk bad hacking everywhere

  3. Smol

    I might go with pie just because how better the navigation bar is on pie. The copy paste iOS navigation gestures doesn’t work for me.

  4. Albert

    I wanted to comment on one thing, which happens on some Samsung phones after the update to Android 10, the screen stays black for a while and only the Samsung logo is seen in white letters, it looks like a lock that can only be fixed with a hard reset , is this true? do they have any solution? especially it happens with the Samsung M21, M30s, please ask me to fix it as soon as possible.


    0:46 Praise Android Jesus. I absolutely HATE that Postmates requires the GPS to ALWAYS be on. And I keep forgetting to turn it off when I finish my order!!! This is great!

  6. Mark Caldwell

    Since installing Android 10 my phone has turned into a bag of sh*t. Battery drains faster. All Apps are constantly freezing. Can't even use a search engine on it because it locks up. Slower all round. I wish I'd never updated.

  7. josue ocampo

    I love Android ten, I have a Xiaomi Mi A3 with Android Ten and I'm very happy with it, looks really nice, I love a lot that it looks like a Pixel phone, the dark UI really looks great.🤩

  8. Amarjeet Singh Nain

    Is there any possibility in future so that we can make vowifi call by using internet from the other sim in a dual volte mobile device that must be cost efficient & uninterrupted data connectivity while receiving calls from both the sim with even call waiting from the other sim too??

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