39 Replies to “10 ways Android is just better”

  1. Jarhead

    Android people are just jealous of those who have iPhone, i use to be one of them and now that I got an iPhone I’ll never switch back to android
    Hehe ?

  2. Juzer Khamosi

    11:03 Linus has small hands. Kidding aside, I love the intuitiveness of the swipe to go back gesture on iPhone. Its something that I definitely miss whenever I switch over to Android. I wish iOS was more customizable though. And I definitely agree with the unnecessary itunes hassle.

  3. Coltigore

    I have a note 9, used to have a Droid turbo 2, but I'm switching to iPhone when I can in 2020 because while I love Android, features like I message are tantalizing and FaceTime is also neat to me(yes I know Duo is a thing)

  4. Knodesant Knode

    Apple is a close source which means they will cage all Apple users in a CAGE and they arrest them and lock ? the cage and the prisoners will still be paying for the cage
    Android is an open source and google always secure it….AKA that amazing ?

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