10 ways iPhones are just better

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I’ve used both iPhone and Android – including the Google Pixel 3 – smart phones extensively and there’s still some things that iPhone (and iOS) do better. And don’t mention Windows or Amazon phones kthnxbai.

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50 Replies to “10 ways iPhones are just better”

  1. RadRoboGhost

    Apple was hacked by an Australian teenager over years and he stole massive amounts of data how in the hell are they more secure. What bullshit, and before you call me out saying I'm lying do a Google search.

  2. asiankid902

    I have an Xs max, there's not much innovation under the phone.
    I wanted a Razer phone 2 or a S10+, maybe waiting for a folding phone like a Huawei mate x, or Galaxy fold, maybe a bezel less phone. But my mom forced me to get an iPhone, because if you break it, there's an apple store nearby. I mean , there are 3rd party stores that can fix Android's, but my mom says they might be sketchy.

  3. KamiSawZe

    27 thousand salty Apple haters. ?

    This is just a personal reason, and it’s sort of related to early software deployment, but there are still a ton of excellent, professional quality apps for creative purposes that are Apple exclusive. There’s dozens, of not hundreds of synths available that can be mixed and matched in apps like Tabletop. Premier Rush is a super powerful video editor with more features than iMovie and not yet available on Adobe’s google store. Procreate is one of the most amazing digital painting tools ever, with fancier brush settings that Sketchbook. Codea is a whole Lua programming suite for iPad… I have plenty of great apps on my Android tablet, but I can’t think of any apps I use to create with that are android exclusive.

    Side note, it is possible to get iPhone apps not from the App Store without jailbreaking. Check out builds.io to see emulators, streaming, and torrenting software that isn’t allowed on iOS. It’s a single annual fee, and requires a certificate from your phone, but they basically side-load “beta” software. Make sure it’s a place you trust if you do this, since it’s a vector for malicious software, but I’ve only had good experiences with builds.io

  4. BUH

    i used IOS in before and i like it and hate it ..
    but in my opinion ( as nubby IT guy ) for some of your points :
    #1 : IOS its not secure, nothing is secure nothing at all, in my opinion Android is more secure than IOS . and we are talking about IOS vs Android, not the companies behind the modified android, did you know that there are some companies made secure phones based on Android ( which still not secure 100% )
    #2 : performance ??? haven't you heard about a studies that benchmarks are somehow are FAKE, who pay wins, and also.. companies modified their system to be optimized once the benchmarks app starts test !!!!

    3# : Operating system updates , well .. i agree with you in this.. but google phones are more way better in this point than other android devices

    4# : apps stability and releasing dates, in short way .. it depends on the developer NOTHING MORE ( and companies WAR ), and stability ??? because IOS works on devices you can count them by your hand XD .

    this is my opinion about the disaster iphone i used it and i throw it away and brought honor 6, but in the sametime.. iphone is solid phone in all scales but .. made my life like ajkhdhjksdhkjh67576557653&^%^%&^%&

    thank you for reading my comment, and if you would say my english is poor.. hmmm come suck it in silent mode please!!!!

  5. Gerald King

    After s10+ release, it's hard for me to convince that Apple products are still the greatest (I've been Apple user for about 10 years) **will throw them anyway, I will move on lol

  6. Juzer Khamosi

    As an iPhone user its sad to see linus give in. I have been using an iPhone for the last 3 years and never have I ever felt it was superior. Personally I would love to switch to an android phone now, not because they are better but just to change things up. iOS and Android both have their pros and cons. Their superiority strictly is use case dependent.

  7. Anon

    I'm seriously considering going the apple route after 10 years on Android. Google had become erratic and third parties have no clue what they're doing, except maybe Samsung. Even android one phones are filled with bugs. I just want my phone to do what I need it to

  8. Evan Conrod

    I recently switched to an iPhone as it was provided by my work and it is such a genuine downgrade from my galaxy s8 that I have been considering footing the bill again myself to get back on Android. Every day I find another little feature that I took for granted on my s8. It’s honestly pathetic

  9. Prabhjot Singh

    Here's why Apple>>>android:(Warning=This is length)
    1. Much, much faster

    If you’re thinking of buying the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xr, know that the A12 Bionic chip inside blows away anything from the Android camp. Not only did this processor pace Apple’s flagship to huge wins in synthetic benchmarks such as Geekbench 4 and 3DMark; it also ran circles around the likes of the Galaxy Note 9 and the Pixel 3 XLwhen doing things like editing 4K video and opening large files. Even the newer Galaxy S10 is more than twice as slow.(PS: I am not talking about those stupid & biased YouTube speedtests ,I am taking Raw power &Benchmarks into consideration ,which show Phone's real ability)

    This speed difference should also make playing the most intensive games, and especially enjoying demanding augmented-reality apps, a smoother experience.

    2. Better hardware and software integration

    The 3D Touch display first introduced with the iPhone 6s and featured in all but one model released since then is smart enough to sense pressure, allowing you to take quick actions from the home screen just by long-pressing on an app icon. The Portrait Mode on the iPhone 8 Plus can add sophisticated lighting effects with a tap. And the iPhone X series can scan your face to log you in, even if you grow a beard and start wearing glasses. Android phone makers are said to be two years behind Apple's Face ID.

    These are just a few of the examples of how Apple’s hardware and software designers work together to make the iPhone better than Android. And it’s no coincidence that Google recently spent over $1 billion to acquire HTC’s smartphone business. It wants to re-create that same magic by better integrating its mobile OS with its devices.

    3. Easiest phone to use

    Despite all the promises by Android phone makers to streamline their skins, the iPhone remains the easiest phone to use by far. Some may lament the lack of change in the look and feel of iOS over the years, but I consider it a plus that it works pretty much the same as it did way back in 2007. Pick it up, turn it on, touch the app to open.

    Of course, Apple has folded in enhancements over the years, such as Siri and Control Center. Yet the iPhone still has zero learning curve. With iOS 10, Apple opened Siri and iMessages to developers, and there are customizable widgets available for the Today screen. So you can't really make the argument that the iPhone is a walled garden anymore. And with iOS 12, Apple has added the ability to edit Live Photos, send payments to friends in the Messages app and organize files via a proper Files app (which is way overdue considering that Android has had files access from the start).

    4. OS updates when you want them

    This is going to hurt a little, Android fanboys. One week after launch, iOS 11 was reportedly installed on 25 percent of iOS devices, according to analytics company Mixpanel. By January 2018, iOS 11 was on 65 percent of iOS devices. Meanwhile, Android Oreo was on 0.7 percent of devices at that time

    5. The best apps first

    Now that both iOS and Android have millions of apps in their stores, the arms race is over, right? Not really. The iPhone is still favored by developers as the launch platform of choice for the hottest new apps.
    6. No bloatware!

    It's not a good sign for prospective Android phone buyers that some of the most popular articles we do are bloatware-removal guides.

    Samsung and others have gotten better at minimizing the pain for users by lumping all carrier bloatware into a single folder, but it's still just crap taking up space on your phone.

    7. Works beautifully with Macs

    If you haven't tried a Mac in a while, you might be surprised to know just how well iPhones work with them. For instance, with the Continuity feature in macOS, you can use your MacBook to send and receive text messages and even receive and place calls. All you have to do is keep your iPhone nearby.

    8. Apple Pay

    Between Android Pay and Samsung Pay, Apple has plenty of rivals, but right now, Apple Pay is the most popular method for making mobile payments. It’s also dead-simple to use. All you have to do to use Apple Pay is bring your iPhone close to the supported payment terminal at the checkout counter and then press your finger on your phone's Touch ID sensor. 

    With the iPhone X, you just double tap the Side button and then stare at your phone to use Face ID

    9. Family Sharing

    An Apple family that plays together saves together. With Family Sharing on the iPhone, Mom, Dad and the kids can share purchases from the App Store, iTunes and iBooks with up to six people. You can still keep your own iTunes accounts, too. When Junior wants to make a purchase, you receive an alert via the Ask to Buy feature, so you can keep better tabs on what he's downloading and also prevent bill shock.

    10. Best support and help

    When you have a problem with your Android phone, you can try finding a solution on online forums or calling your carrier. But with the iPhone, you can tap into a vast database of useful help articles on Apple's website, get help via live chat or schedule an appointment at an Apple Store Genius Bar.

    With the exception of the Pixel, Google doesn't have this kind of direct relationship with its customers. For other Android phones, you have to go through your carrier or the phone maker, and you won’t see the same level of service.

  10. Ewen Chan

    I LOVE the point about having to download apps on Android phones for features that come standard on an iPhone.

    There are Android fanbois here at work (even though we have corporate issued iPhones) and I always ask "why should I have to download an app for a feature or a function that can be built into the phone by default?"

    No, I DON'T want an app for that. I want my "base", default phone to be able to do what I want it to do.

  11. Kennith Barns

    I get it they browbeat you with Apple at school yes that's when you were a kid a teenager when you turn adult you know what actual system you want to get on you know not be a little kid the rest of your life oh I need an apple I need an apple good go eat one.

  12. Kennith Barns

    Then I can understand why they show mobs of people trying to steal the phone in Apple stores what can you actually do with an iPhone you only have one service it's called iTunes you can't put Pandora you can't put my Google music you can't excetra…..

  13. Kennith Barns

    Well this might f**** the iPhone lemmings why would I want to go to an iPhone or it has one service it's called iTunes where I can have the world that's why it's called the Galaxy..

  14. boon57

    I have an iphone 6 and a samsung. Changed my samsung 3 times and it overheats. I just changed the battery to my iphone for 70 bucks and it's good as new.

  15. Breezy Dominguez

    But who really hates cords tanking up and break or like headphones jacks breaking by something got caught on the jack, this can happen on any cord not just apple’s cords, Xbox one/etc technology has this problem when charging it or trying to listen to something when the cord connector is lose or broke, we all have frustration with cords, get over the wireless technology, this is why their getting rid of it in the future, because cords can be a pain and a clutter. Just learn to adapt to new things like wireless technology, cause it’s going to be the future of tomorrow and it will get better later on the future. Just a opinion to think about!! Cause I really hate cords tanking up and breaking also no not just apple cords but in general of cords!! Because I owned plenty of android phones and the cords would get lose or break too, It can happen to anyone so don’t try to miss judge the wireless technology cause it’s coming out faster than we think!!

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