10 YouTube Tips & Tricks for Android

Awhile back this channel released a YouTube tips and tricks video primarily for PC users. There were a few tips mixed in for the YouTube mobile app, as well. After that video, there were many of you that requested a dedicated video with tips for use with the YouTube app on Android. So, if you own an Android phone or Tablet, I will show you 10 tips and tricks that you can try out with the YouTube app.

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12 YouTube Tricks You Should Be Using!

0:28 Jump back or forward in a video.
1:36 Related videos.
1:56 Change video quality.
2:33 Subtitles.
2:57 Change playback speed.
3:08 Stats for nerds.
3:29 Virtual reality.
3:39 360° video.
4:25 Offline viewing.
5:04 Disable autoplay.
5:30 Additional settings.

TechGumbo is a leading source for the technology that we use each day. Whether it’s discussing computer operating system tricks, finding out about the newest gadgets, letting you know about the best software, or the latest tips for your Android phone or tablet, TechGumbo has boundless topics on technology for the astute YouTube viewer.

26 Replies to “10 YouTube Tips & Tricks for Android”

  1. TechGumbo

    In select countries where the YouTube Red service is not available, certain videos on the YouTube mobile app are available to download for offline playback….. Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. W Ghost

    Thanks but i have a question , what does it mean getting recommended videos unrelated to what you actually watch , does it mean that someone else is using your private YouTube channel? Thanks

  3. Sorchia

    That was very good. I knew most but you did teach me about the 360. My kids got me a VR, I think it was more for them than me?. Now I know exactly how to find what I'm looking for and just pop it in! Cheers

  4. Joe Mann

    There's a big problem on tapping twice on a Utube vedio in android, if set up bouble tapping on the screen will bring up the magnifier, the screen will zoom in . By pinching the screen can control the zoom function. Very useful for seeing people's faces in a crowd far more usfull than jumping forward. Can also see what comarnds are being used on the browser if description is a bit vauge on a instructional vedio

  5. Kerry Small

    Great tips dude. The last one is very helpful for me as my nephew uses my tablet wnen he comes over and watches loads of football (soccer) videos. Bless him! Lol! 🙂

  6. Dhaval Shukla

    I think the offline video saving feature doesn't require you to have YouTube Red services. Because I can download videos into my device and watch them while offline without having to buy Red service from YouTube. It is worth mentioning that music videos cannot be downloaded to the device as YouTube secures it.

    Great to see Westworld Season 2 trailer being featured on TechGumbo though!

  7. A Rottie

    Good stuff man! almost everyone of these features I will put use!! I can't believe I was clueless about the forward & rewinding feature. Very aggravating trying to do so with a finger. While using the little red line! Grrrrr. ; )

  8. Shatter Roundel

    Instead of moving your phone around watching 360 videos you can just swipe the screen left, right, up and down; same as if you have the VR box on.
    Great video never noticed the double tap before makes skipping soooooooooo much easier. Thank you!

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