100+ Tips and Tricks for iPhone X. The Ultimate Guide in Less Than 30 minutes!

This iPhone X tips and tricks guide packs in more than 100 tips in under 30 minutes to help you get the best out of Apple’s new smartphone. As always, the iPhone X sold out instantly so if you’re lucky enough to own one you’ll want to know everything there is to know about it.

The guide has been divided up into four sections to help you watch what you want to know:

0:30 – iPhone X Navigation
5:25 – iPhone X New Features
14:49 – iPhone X Settings
18:15 – iPhone X Complete Camera Guide

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46 Replies to “100+ Tips and Tricks for iPhone X. The Ultimate Guide in Less Than 30 minutes!”

  1. Zery Rose

    why i cannot record my voice by the time i am using the screen recording? i am tried to press and hold for awhile but it doesn’t record my voice, just record my screen?

  2. George Washington

    Thats crazy charge you over 1000 dollars in taxes for something thats going to break easy if you drop it and expect you to pay 549 to fix the back and 279 to fix the front thats the price of a new I phone 8. They are really milking their customers with false advertisements saying it's the most durable glass none sense.

  3. Fahad Shire

    I see very nadir problem on my iPhoneX after I take a photo and want to check how it looks i click the photos icon down bellow the Camera but i takes me way long until i find the last photo…can any1 help plz?

  4. x- shift893

    For everyone that thinks to see all the open apps you don’t have to swipe up and pause the faster way to do it is to swipe up and to the right. Much less tedious. Spread the word to your fellow iPhone X users! Credit goes to Marques Brownlee.

  5. Josh Diamond

    Great video everything from basic stuff to advanced stuff. I know on other models u can hold power then after hold the home button to clear the cache on the full phone i cant find a way on the x. I tried on screen home button and i dont want to go to documents under i cloud and clear there.

  6. Tom Parker

    Could you next time add a page at the start or end with the number and short description of all the tips, so we don’t have to go through the entire video to find it. It would be really helpful. Thanks

  7. Arran

    Yo VGJ I got an iPhone 4s. Make a vid on that. Lol jk. Btw do u agree that the home ‘bar’ covers a bit much, in light that it was supposed to make the phone all screen and have a much cleaner look. But it’s a bit big

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