11 Apple Watch Tips And Tricks

The Apple Watch is packed with useful features, and WatchOS 5 has only made the lineup more impressive. Here are the top 11 tips and tricks you should know. Have you ever wanted to rotate your watch’s orientation, use your watch as a camera remote, or display your apps as a list instead of a grid? Business Insider breaks down the top Apple Watch features you might not know.


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32 Replies to “11 Apple Watch Tips And Tricks”

  1. Jørgen B.

    Thanks for silly Wish app Ad. Just stopped following Tech Insider when the channel from YouTube condone their channels to be a funnel for silly Ads.

  2. V T

    will never buy a "smart" watch…these gimmicks will lose there value in a few years they will be $10 bucks and/or stop functioning….traditional watches so much better….

  3. Mr Potato

    A wall clock and a calendar would be enough …..atleast everybody can see it and they wont keep asking what the time is it if u have this

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