11-Inch VS 12.9-Inch iPad Pro (2020)

The 2020 iPad Pro comes in two sizes — the 11-inch and 12.9 inch. We explore what differences there are in specs and usability between the two.
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45 Replies to “11-Inch VS 12.9-Inch iPad Pro (2020)”

  1. Anjelica L.M

    I am getting a IPad Pro for drawing, tasking notes, reading, and typing schoolwork on, but here’s the problem.
    I don’t know which one to get. First off I already was settled with the 12.9 inch, but is it to big? And if it is that will make it hard to draw and take notes.
    But also, is the 11 inch to small for me to type on? Because I like bigger keyboards and I heard the 11 inch one is smaller then the 12.9 inch one.
    Does anyone has any measurements so I can compare? Of the 11 and 12.9 keyboard difference?

  2. Sotthea Phoeurng

    I want to use ipad for editing photos like Lightroom……. I think I need a big screen, more battery life but I sometimes need to bring it with me too. Which one should I buy ?

  3. Kate Hailey

    I don't like 11 i will love 12 or 12.9 inch i like big screen and like ill use it for online class i am so ecxited my ipad 12.9 inch will deliver this end of month 😀

  4. C.R.

    So the two main things I use my current iPad Pro (9.7 inch) for is about 50/50 drawing and reading. I am so torn between wanting the larger drawing surface of the 12 but being worried that's too big to use comfortably as an e-reader. Though I am leaning towards 12 because comics probably look amazing on it. But does anyone have the 12 inch and use it for reading a lot? Can you tell me if its comfortable or super awkward?

  5. Daniel Long

    I just got mine today and I got the 12.9. I got it for drawing and its pretty good. I tried drawing on my friend's 11 in one and it felt smaller (duh) but they both work well.

  6. Desirie Mendez

    I just got the 12.9 inch yesterday and I’m honestly thinking of returning it. It feels way to unwieldy just holding without a case and just feels way too large. Also, I don’t truly feel it’s 12.9 inches as you cannot take advantage of the screen size when watching YouTube videos per say. There are massive black widescreen bars that you can’t max out. I feel like the 11 inch will be more proportional. Same goes for pictures, when flipping through my gallery the pictures feel like they’re so tiny with these massive black bars around them.

  7. [SFA] JordanPlay

    Thank you for this video that you make. I was struggled the different between the 12.9 and the 11. I only need to find the compact and portable to game on at school and home. Thank you so much, this videos is 100000000000% helpful.

  8. Danasia Summers

    I decided to get the 11” iPad Pro because the 12.9” is just to big for me. The extra screen real estate would be nice to work on and to use split screen more effectively but it’s too big for me to carry around everyday since I’m a college student and I also have a 15.6” Lenovo Yoga laptop that I used to carry around everyday I don’t need another huge screen. The 11” combined with the Logitech Folio Touch is amazing and I’m happy with my decisions!!

  9. Nae M

    I appreciate the time you spent comparing the 2. I wanted the 12.9 but now I will buy the 11 since there’s not much difference.

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