11 inch vs 12.9 inch iPad Pro – Which iPad Pro Should You Buy in 2020?

11 inch vs 12.9 inch iPad Pro or which iPad Pro should you buy in 2020? An important question for all careful buyers! Buy Paperlike here: Thanks to Paperlike for sponsoring this video!
I’ve been using the 12.9″ iPad Pro since it came out in 2018 and after switching to the 11-inch model in 2020, my perspective and usage totally shifted. At the end of the day, the choice between 12.9 inch and the 11 inch iPad Pro is really a choice of productivity vs portability – or is it? Can you be as productive on the 11″ iPad Pro as you can be on the 12.9″, and can you feel lightweight carrying around the 12.9 inches as you would if you had the 11 inches with you? Well, hopefully, I can break it down for you and really help you make the right purchase decision on which iPad Pro should you buy.

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48 Replies to “11 inch vs 12.9 inch iPad Pro – Which iPad Pro Should You Buy in 2020?”

  1. Wisvice

    I watched till the end, and I really thought you have like 3M subs or smtg xD. Well done, love the review. I've made up my mind, I'm going with 11in !! Thx

  2. mila

    I'm confused bc I recently bought an MacBook Pro which is 13,3 inches. If I buy the 12,9 inch one it could be like I have the same 2 device but im not sure if 11 inch is so small r not

  3. Vivi

    The 12.9 looks like you could smack someone with it and they would fly to madagascar, as a creative person I ordered the 11 inch. Sure bigger screen would be convenient but I wanted a portable device since sitting infront a desk is bad for the health. I think since I don't have big manly hands it will be just fine

  4. Flat Line ShortZ

    honestly ther is not much of a noticeable weight difference. I have the 12.9 inch and my sister has the 11 inch and you can only tell the difference if you hold them side by side.

  5. Mat Fruit

    Thank you for all those tips! Your channel seams very interesting too! 
    By the way I'm still not sure about which one to choose. Considering that I will use it mostly to make photo retouching on Affinity and some Netflix/everyday using apps, should I buy a 12,9" with 64gb or a 11" with 256Gb? I have a good offer for both but I'm not sure that the 64gb will be enough…

  6. Gen0s

    Now that I have replaced the 12.9 with the 11-inch, I have to say it was the right decision. I also researched for ages before buying, but in retrospect I was simply disappointed with the 12.9 iPad pro. I personally use the 11 inch for drawing, writing, gaming, reading comics and watching movies and I'm extremely happy with the switch. In my opinion, the battery also lasts longer and the 11 inch is comfortable to hold and fits in any pocket. If you need more space for drawing, you should also buy a graphics monitor, which also makes more sense in the long run. But I find the size for drawing and video editing perfectly sufficient and with "Easy Canvas" you can even use it on a Windows computer as a graphics monitor. In my opinion, the 11-inch is the best choice if you can't decide between the two versions.

  7. Bodidiva Tulku

    I used the 10.5 Pro for university (Note taking, paper and book replacement (no keyboard) for about a year and recently upgraded to the 12.9 and it made a huge difference for multitasking – as in I can actually read both windows. I like the portability of the 10.5 but since all school is online, I'm primarily using it at my desk during lectures or on my couch during study.

  8. Woke Woke

    Wich one would you recommend to use for notes and as a planner? I want to replace all my planners, notes, agendas by the ipad pro. And use it for my stocks

  9. Jeffrey Liu

    my goodness, rarely i watch a product video and laugh so hard…good job E.. love the humor you put in your videos.. absolutely enjoying it! thank you .. and btw.. did i mention its very informative too? thumbs up!

  10. Ashu Kemla

    Hi. I’m Ashu from India. I just got iPad Air 4. As, it has the same chassis, it has flex & it bends, it really does, even at slight pressure (when noticed carefully). I requested a replacement & that would be delivered next month. I’m too worried. I haven’t seen anything so expensive & so flimsy (I mean it, I didn’t expect that cz I already own an iPad Mini & that is really tough). But this new Air has too much flex in it. By any chance if you haven’t noticed it yet, take a look from sides like you see from a gun while twisting it even at very very low force. It’s too soft.

    Bro Please let me know about your take on this (in-detail if possible cz I m really really worried) ?

  11. M R WANI

    Thanka for this video. I own Macbook air 2017 model which I purchased in 2020. I want to buy ipad for video editing that can then be uploaded to youtube. Should I go for 11 inch pro or 12.9 inch pro?

  12. Thanos

    I still think that for the price is better to go with the 12.9 inch ipad pro if you need something smaller just buy a normal ipad or ipad air it's more convenient . But often i go out with a desktop replacement laptop on the backpack than for me portability mean nothing LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. fearless baek

    When I went to the shop I thought the 11” was so tiny and wanted the 12.9” so much but w/o the comparison the 11” is so big and honestly it’s great for me

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