12 9in iPad Pro 2017 review

Macworld UK’s Henry Burrell showcases Apple’s recently updated 12.9in iPad Pro.

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26 Replies to “12 9in iPad Pro 2017 review”

  1. claracandie

    This has honestly changed my life is so amazing I love it. JustU.faith/iPad-Pro I have no need for a laptop this works fine for everyday needs and any activity’s that cause for me to get online. I have personally equipped mines with the 2nd gen Apple Pencil and Logitech’s slim folio keyboard really giving my iPad the laptop feel without breaking the bank. I’ve had mines for about 4 months I have yet to experience any lag or technical issues. It’s just an all around amazing product

  2. CoolMoDee

    Should have been called ipad plus. There's nothing pro about it lol. No serious content creator is just gonna use an ipad with it's limited ports , file system and tablet Os.

  3. charityjf

    What you do at 2.47mins (where you flick down & can pick from different apps in the slide-over window) doesn't work on my iPad 10.5". Doing that just takes that app & puts it in split screen. Anyone know why?

  4. Michael Walsemann

    Given you are able (and willing) to learn the workflow on the iPad, you can do astonishingly many things on the iPad, you might think, you would need a Desktop or Laptop for. Some examples out of my experience with the iPad. I signed some contracts and emailed them back to some partners. It works like a breeze and the output was a way smaller and yet higher quality PDF File, compared to printing it, signing it and scanning it back into a PDF. I have done very nicely printable, yet handwritten letters, have build myself a time attendance routine, using just the numbers app. I have assembled scans of documents, my ID card and a covering letter to contact my lawyer on an urgent, time critical matter, when i was on the go. I have written on a little novel (just for fun, but still very effectively). Heck, I do almost all of my office tasks with my ipad, not even thinking of booting up my PC to do it. Once a month i am involved in a pack walk with about 20-40 people attending it, and do the preview video, along with the photography, 200-400 Photos – shooting with the iPhone, everything else on the iPad (reviewing the photos, sorting out the best ones, doing the post processing and forward them to the person responsible for publishing them on facebook). I do remote support sessions via teamviewer, helping my relatives and friends.

    And here’s the kicker: I do it all on an 4 year old iPad Air. Yes, its hardware is somewhat dated and slow, but it does work. Still, given the performance boost, it would be, I intend to get this beast in February 2018. I don’t know, if i should buy the Apple Pen, but i wont bother getting the Smart Keyboard, as my Magic Keyboard does the same – and better, being positionable where ever i need it to be and having a better tactile feed back than the Smart Keyboard. Since i don’t game on my iPad, and since I transport my iPad in a backpack anyways, I don’t think, the side will matter that much. Most probably, the big one will be just the most useful variant, especially for reviewing and editing photos and consuming Multimedia content.

  5. Perry Pelican

    I have always had issues with the laptop, tablet thing. Who cares what it’s called. Its only about what you can do with it. As soon as you work with the keyboard it is used exactly like my laptop, so why would I want it, when there are laptops with touch screens. Why would anyone want a much less powerful machine? Is it the fact that you can more easily carry it around and use it while walking down the street? Yes, that is sort of cool but come on. I actually like IOS a lot. It is so easy to use and so snappy. But if you like real multitasking with proper cut and paste and having 5 apps running functionally at the same time, it doesn’t cut it. I have the original iPad pro12.9 and an Air 2. The latter is my super portable one and the pro is always on my desk. I use both for music production and drawing, which are 2 things that iOS devices handle extremely well. I think one thing that ices the cake is the extremely low priced apps as compared to windows apps. My iPad is the best synthesizer because I can use a midi keyboard or other midi controller to play music with the same sounds as a piece of hardware that could cost upwards of $500. That’s using an app costing less than $40. iPads have their place. I wonder what’s holding them back from being as powerful as laptops. There are great apps that would be created if only iPads had the appropriate power. I would like to see optional scenarios like 16gb of ram and much more powerful multi core processors. Why not? If it was optional, everyone would be happy. The current laptops would lose out for music makers and artists. I would use my IPads only. I am sure that will happen eventually. The ability to connect a large screen would make it complete.

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