12 Incredible Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS

Tips, Tricks and Secrets that you can use on your Android Phone. New Android 9.0 compatible, and help customise your Android Mobile, make it faster and help the battery to last longer.
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36 Replies to “12 Incredible Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS”

  1. Wayne Rogers Outdoors

    Yeah… Storing a credit/debit card or any card with a magnetic strip that close to a device emitting EMF will, in time, kill the card. Especially because the card is in physical contact with the phone even if the strip is facing away and not touching the phone. It will eventually corrupt the data on the tracks and make the card not read properly through the POS or at all. Don't tell people to do this. Research before you give bad and costly advice.

  2. ConnorTQ

    The first one, "readings mode" doesn't seem to be available anymore (correct me if I'm wrong) my first thought as to why was "ads won" lol

  3. Ramzy rmznyvz

    Look at that incredible secret!
    I didn't know you could put money in the back of the phone or make use of the build-in futures of apps and/or android.
    these are things only a genius could find out, right?
    f*ck that

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