13 Wireless chargers for the Galaxy S8 compared

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NOTE: All of these wireless chargers do work with most regular phone cases!

Samsung Fast Charge Convertible Stand –
Samsung Fast Charge Charging Stand –
Samsung Wireless Charging Pad –
GooDee 2 Fast Wireless Charging Stand –
Anker Fast Charging Pad –
YooTech Fast Charging Pencil Stand –
Coeuspow 3 Port USB Wireless Charger –
Fonesalesman QiStone –
Fonesalesman QiStone+ –
Fonesalesman MusiQi –
EKA ENTERPRISES Fantasy Charger –
Satechi Fast Wireless Charger –
Xuma Wireless Charging Pad –

Some other great wireless chargers:

Choetech Wireless Charger w/Cooling Fan –
Seenda Adjustable Wireless Charger –
Itian Wooden Fast Wireless Charger –
Wilder Wireless Charging Car Mount –

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20 Replies to “13 Wireless chargers for the Galaxy S8 compared”

  1. XxKazxX xoxo

    Hmm so which one is the fastest charger… that's the only thing I want… fastest wireless charger that has latest quick charge wirelessly and can protect from over charging my phone over night

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