15 (Actually) Useful iPhone Tips – 2019

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Tips and tricks for your iPhone XS, XR, X, 8, etc running iOS 12 or iOS 11. Comment any news ones you learned or if you have any for me!

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15 (Actually) Useful iPhone Tips – 2019
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30 Replies to “15 (Actually) Useful iPhone Tips – 2019”

  1. Hazem B

    the multiple selections for the icons is awesome, never knew that was possible, almost as awesome as the multiple email selection in the mail app

  2. Jordan Allen

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  3. Jasper T.

    At first I was like, c'mon, I'm practically an iPhone guru… and then… mind blown.I do have a tip to add called Guided Access. It's handy when you want to give your phone to someone for a quick look of a photo and worry they'll swipe around.

  4. Tessa King Studios

    1. I never new and it worked
    2. Never new
    3 never new cause I ain’t got a 10 :4. I knew
    5. Never new but shall try
    6. I knew
    7. Never knew
    8. Never knew
    9. I knew
    10. Cool
    11. Never knew
    12. Never knew, I don’t really use Siri much.
    13. Never knew
    14. Never new but will do it.
    15. Woah I will do try it. I never knew!

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