150+ Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

In this video, I will show you 150+ tips, tricks, features, and hidden features for your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus.

Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are a superb smartphones and are full of deep and rich features, so that why I want to make sure you master every aspect of your Galaxy S9 to maximize your ownership.

Case I am using:


Part 1 – Awesome Tips to Customize your S9/S9+ 1:27
Part 2 – Complete Edge Panel Tutorial 17:22
Part 3 – Advanced Tips and Tricks for S9/S9+ 25:08
Part 4 – Home Screen & Notifications Panel Tips 43:16
Part 5 – HIDDEN Features on your S9/S9+ 1:00:02
Part 6 – Secure Folder – Hide Photos, Videos, Apps! 1:10:17
Part 7 – Extending and Optimizing Battery Life 1:24:01

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46 Replies to “150+ Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features”

  1. Sonny Wolf

    If you have little brain, just a little like a 5 years old then you know Galaxy is best on earth, UI and features are 7 years ahead of competitors, the Galaxy S4 alone already 5 years ahead of any phone.today

  2. Clinton Payne

    How can I contact you to show you what I have the problem with my S9 price because I do not know how to explain it over text can I send you a video our talk to you over the phone please contact me

  3. Donice Alford

    I have the Galaxy S9+ and can't find the accessories or game options under the advanced features; also the edge screen lighting feature doesn't seem to be working

  4. N R

    I found a feature that was not mentioned in this video. Since this is a feature on my Samsung J-3, I'll assume it's also available on the S9. You can use music that you have on your device as ringtones. You go to connection, sounds and notifications, and then you go to ringtones. In the upper right hand corner you will see the word add. If you click on that you will see selections from your music collection and just click on one and it becomes a ringtone.

  5. Myx_ Doll

    You went over the same things more than once ??‍♀️ I’ve watched the whole video an noticed you already did a lot of the stuff u went over agian ??

  6. David Smith

    Just got my S9+ yesterday so this is all new to me after using iphone forever. Ive been following your video along and doing fine until you got to the Games under Advanced Features. There is no Games between Smart Stay and One Handed Mode on my phone? Is this because there are no games on a new phone?

  7. miguel prado

    very useful video, every time i see my girlfriend after watching more of the video i am teaching her the capabilities of her phone, we both really like the s.o.s feature. after re-watching this video i'm really anxious to buy the s9 Plus now

  8. Vicki Johnson

    Very helpful! You are a good teacher. 🙂 Can the S9+ talk to text? Can I voice activate it? Meaning, can I say "Call Mom" and it will call her? Thanks!

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