20 Cool Not-Too-Obvious iPhone 7 Tips!

The iPhone 7 is out and while it may as not be featured packed or as customisable as Android alternatives there are still some cool, lesser known and hidden tips and tricks to get the best out of your device. Here’s 20 of them to kick us off.

Special character for folder names: ( ‍ )

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48 Replies to “20 Cool Not-Too-Obvious iPhone 7 Tips!”

  1. Sergio lopez

    Just got the iPhone 7 regular Because I am a jogger and iPhone 7plus is too big to jog with in my hand for 5 miles
    I like this 7 it’s fast ! I am coming from an iPhone SE and a crappy Alcatel from metro so this new iPhone 7 is Soooo good happy with my purchase. Thanks for the tips I needed that lol

  2. Josh S.

    You’re an idiot if you don’t at least look at the stock app. Even if you don’t understand; it’s not that hard to grasp the gist of chart meanings.

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