20+ Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks!

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We’ve compiled 20+ Galaxy Note 8 tips and tricks that should make you the ultimate Note 8 pro! We go over utilizing Multi Window, S Pen functionalities, changing up display grids, and even manipulating animation speeds to make your phone perform faster!



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29 Replies to “20+ Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks!”

  1. Hashim Emraan

    When you hear some1 saying s8/s9 plus is a note 8/9 without a pen …just know that person never used a note variant ….I don't know if that's only me but these note are very different from the s series

  2. james Armijo

    Be careful 'bout your S pen. One day I dropped my Note 8 onto my bedroom carpet. My S pen can out. Fortunately the alarm chimed a chime I never heard before. Upon examining my phone, I discovered my stylus gone. I back tracked to my bedroom and found my stylus on the floor. Fortunately, that when I heard the alarm, I was still in my house.
    Also, be careful how you toss your phone around. Tossing it on my bed, the S pen can pop out of it's slot. It doesn't fall out but it looks like I pushed it out to use it. So, be careful.

  3. 2kidsinutah

    I really had a hard time following your video. You were switching back and forth through modes to quickly and both hands were moving around so much I actually got dizzy. Kind of bummed because it seems like there is lots of useful information in your video so a word of advice, slow down and don't move your hand around so much especially the one holding the phone.

  4. ghostfacechili

    Great stuff, Lol sub to my channel and/or my Instagram and/or my bands YouTube Foretold Defiance and/or my podcasts on anchor/spotify/apple called big deity and ghostfacechili lol idk might be called something else, can't remember, sorry to spam lmfao fml smdh this comment will delete itself in 666 minutes rofl ???✌??

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