20+ Galaxy Note 9 Tips and Tricks!

Galaxy Note 9 First 10 Things:
Note 9 Clear S-View Cover:
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Home Screen-1:05
Lock Screen/AOD-5:40
S-Pen Tricks-10:51
Advanced Features-17:56
Performance Tricks-23:08
App Replacements-25:18

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27 Replies to “20+ Galaxy Note 9 Tips and Tricks!”

  1. Silent Watcher

    Watching on my black note 9 😎 . I am so glad I bought this phone !! iPhone is boring,basic,and too much like a child's phone! If your an adult, then the note 9 is the phone for you !

  2. Debra Dukes

    Jeff Absolutely love when you do these Videos sometimes even play them back if interrupted which can be many times but they truly are great.I know you are very busy so appreciate your time. Thanks for sharing Deb 👌👍✌

  3. Robert Barnes

    Great video as usual. Made a big step and went from a s8 plus to the note 9. Have never owned a note before. Have had the s series since the s2. Awesome phone the note 9. Really good decision so far.

  4. jkid323

    i see you have drop box . i have a quick question does drop box compress the pictures and make them look worse? i notice when i download pictures in my drop box they look down graded but look pretty good when i download them to onedrive…

  5. Dady Fast car

    Love your videos Jeff, probably the best phone, to big for me but that exynos we get in Europe kills it. I would like to have the snapdragon edition. Is like buying a Ferrari and instead of putting the best engine they will put an Alfa Romeo engine instead

  6. Nitish Reddy Katapally

    Aren't you feeling the case to be heavy on the already wide and heavy Note 9? I liked Note 9 but afraid that it isn't fitting easily into the hands. Does this case that you're using helps ergonomically making it fit better?

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