20+ Galaxy S9, S9+ Tips and Tricks

We’ve compiled 20+ Galaxy S9 and S9+ tips and tricks that should make you the ultimate S9 pro!

We run through camera shortcuts, accessing new AR Emoji, deciding what to do with Bixby (plus some tips for it), snoozing and managing notifications, optimizing for battery usage with apps, getting into Samsung’s array of sound settings, using one-handed mode, and getting that Pixel-style theme up and running.


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27 Replies to “20+ Galaxy S9, S9+ Tips and Tricks”

  1. Imran Chowdhury

    Call recording: In my Note 9 I do not find the call recording option. So I tried to download different call record options from Google Store and also from Samsung Apps. But none of the recorder performs well enough. I mean I can hear my voice very clearly but the sound is absurdly low from the other side and same things is happening with every call recorder I installed. And I told you that in the phone there is no call recording option. So any suggestion to resolve this issue. I must need a call recorder because sometimes the staffs lies about phone conversation and I really want to get rid of this problem. By the way I purchased this one from Malaysia.

  2. True Seeker

    s9+ was striped by samsung by steeling video pro mode after update so if
    you want to buy it because of it… don't. s10 also does not have it…
    so go to some other smartphone labels…. they trick and lied to sell

  3. z_german

    In am really enjoying the Bixby feature after the One UI software update. Using it more than google assist or Siri. Thanks for the upload, cheers ~

  4. MR Fancher

    Kept getting pissed and damn near snapped my s9 in half because ive been thru ten different screen protectors …. just saw the tip about finger sensitivity annnnddd i feel like a dumb ass lol

  5. Antisystemic Paradise

    Best smartphone ever. To me the S10 is just an unnecessary upgrade if you already own a Galaxy S9+ or even an S9 regular, not to mention the Note 9. S10 is just Waste of money really, cause now you can buy the s9 plus for 500 euros or 600 bucks if you live in US. Another tip for the ignorants out there is that the human eyeballs can't process that crazy resolution of the S10, we can't even process properly the resolution of the FHD, and the same goes for TVs. So as you can imagine the dynamic amoled screen of the S10 or whatever Samsung calls it, doesn't really do much of a difference since Noone on this Planet can comprehend the amount of pixels of that screen, which is producing millions of millions of pixels every millisecond of the millisecond in order to reach that level of resolution, which is really unnecessary as well. With simple words ain't even worth your while since even their previous models already produce overwhelming resolutions. S10 is just another marketing trick, strategy or however you wonna call it from Samsung's quarters, in order to convince the people who don't know some of the details to make them buy their new ( best smartphone) in the market. Bullcrap I say, not to mention that FUCKING, GOD DAMN, FRIGGIN NOTCH which is something completely new for Samsung smartphones. Nevertheless take care and don't believe anything you hear from these corporations. They just want to drain your pockets even more than they already do, and nothing more.

  6. Thangs&Memes

    I regret so much that I bought this phone. Samsung is stinging and poking my eyes all the time with its features unnecessarily. And that Bixby… oooohh :[

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