20 Galaxy Watch Tips!

Welcome to Tech Jungle. We’re going over 20 tips to get you up and running with your new Galaxy Watch!

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Video produced using the following:
Sony A6300 w/ default lens kit
Adobe Premiere Pro
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Apple iPad Mini
Samsung Galaxy Watch
Fovitech Studio Lighting

33 Replies to “20 Galaxy Watch Tips!”


    One other question that I will like to ask to help me decide on which direction to go about these watches is that is it possible just for the face of these watches to turn black when they are not being used as in when they are not active,sort of make them go to sleep.


    Which model of the galaxy watches is this and what size is it,I don't like them when they are too big and extends beyond rims of my wrist, I like them moderate.

  3. Edgey272

    Even though I have had the watch now for a couple of months and am quite familiar with most of the tips shown in the video I want to say that this is an excellent source as a startup for anyone starting to use the Galaxy watch – I really wish I had seen this when I first started wearing the watch. Pace was great, visual instruction was very easy to follow. Well done! Now I would really like to see a "trouble shooting" video. I have had a variety of issues with my watch and the Samsung site is not terribly helpful in solving them – even went to the local Samsung store and they were useless. Here are some issues: How can I download music that is not currently on my attached phone? My email was connected, but has now stopped showing up on the phone – what can I do to resore it. My appointments have never appeared on my watch – I use Outlook. What can I do to connect it.

  4. mark P

    Thinking to buy this watch tomorrow. How does it compare to the new Samsung active watch .

    Can you play YouTube videos on the watch..

  5. S K

    Thank you. Some of the tips were very basic but it gives a good starting point to those who are just starting up with this watch.

  6. Bobby B

    Thank you so much! I just received my watch and was able to quickly move around because of your excellent demonstraions and descriptions. I learned about a lot of options I had not idea the watch had! You are appreciated!

  7. How it slime Slimy

    I bought the watch to my husband for Christmas last year. The watch is not working for some reason. I’ve charged the battery all day, but the screen is still dark, and no responding. I wonder Should I take it back to Best Buy for repairs?

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