20+ LG G7 ThinQ Tips and Tricks

We’ve complied the list of Tips and Tricks to turn you into an LG G7 ThinQ pro!

Whether it be mastering the customization settings of the phone’s HiFi Quad DAC, mixing up your home screen with the built-in settings, or just enabling the Developer Options to boost up your transition animations, we’ve got the goods for you!

LG G7 First 10 Things to Do –


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32 Replies to “20+ LG G7 ThinQ Tips and Tricks”

  1. Bill Feinberg

    Great video! I'm in the process of switching over from the Galaxy s8 Plus to the LG G8. There are features on the S8 Plus that I use everyday, like Scroll Capture and GIF Animation. So happy to see that LG has their own versions.

  2. john g

    I just got the LG G7 today. Now, I'm a tech junebug, lol, or a tech dummy, so I try to use the basic features and that's about it. I would like to see you do a video about some of the basic, simple features, and how to use them. Like, how do I delete some of the apps or stuff on the phone that I'll never use, and how to make my home screen simple with just my most common apps or features. I would like a Google search button, my email, text message, phone as my main button arrangement. Then maybe my next most used features, such as eBay, you tube, my bank, etc.? Thanks, John

  3. Nelag

    Just got my g7, do you know how I can stop all the ads from popping up?? I could barely type this because ads keep popping up. Please help

  4. Douglas Dever

    Need to put that flying hand of yours in your pants. The human eye is attracted to moving objects and you are supposed to be showing off the phone and your damn hand is too distracting.

  5. Sascha Hoppe

    I actually gave you a thumbs up because this video is so informative man. but also I'd like to give you the tip to show the phone in a stand or lying on the table and instead of using your fingers to press the buttons maybe use stylus or something.

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