2017 update cat S60 problems USA

8 months with the cat S60 smartphone and we have problems for a rugged phone!

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  1. 24visb

    I've had mine for over 1 year now. No speaker grill problems, no charging port door problems, no sim/SD card door problems, no problems what so ever! All of the problems that I have seen reported have been from a couple of years ago. The rubber on my charging port cover is clear also. Maybe they upgraded the things that customers were complaining about. My speaker grill is bent in where the opening for the speaker is, the water sensor port portion of the grill is also bent in. Metal frame on the sides have battle scars and dents. I work in construction for a living and use the flir all the time. No ticking noises have ever been heard from my phone. The only 2 complaints that I could have are the speaker is WEAK (I can hear a mouse pissing on a wool blanket at 100 yards and can barely hear anything from this phone speaker,) even since day one, and the second being the battery life. It was good when new, but I can tell that it is getting weaker. I take it off charge at 4am each morning and by noon-3 or 4pm I had better be looking for the charger, with normal every day life use. Other than those 2 complaints the camera is sub-par compared to the galaxies and iPhone, but I'm not trying to take some fake selfies and such, so it works for me… It takes decent enough pictures. As far as it being a rugged phone, absolutely! They just about had to make the changes because I roughly use my phone and it's tough! I've had the galaxy actives and destroyed most of them. This is by far stronger than any active that I have had.

  2. Support Bogensportakademie

    Exactly my story at my first phone! Now I have my 2nd one and this is NOT waterproof as the first one.  Salty water came in by a depth of 1 feet by taking Photos of sea stars at the beach. This is the worst phone I ever had! Beware of it and do not by the Cat S61 as well, it has also very bad test reviews. The factory did not learn from old mistakes in their actual phone S61, they just reduce the warranty time to max 1 year and the water proof to 3 meters, so they do not need to replace so many broken phones which were used correct. An unacceptable product with the advertisement of an super tool. This is bullsh…
    Sorry but my story shows what the phone is far behind the market leader. Now I am on apple. It is not for snorkelling, but I know to use it between its parameters. I hope my comments will help anybody who will think over to by a CAT phone.

  3. Aprendiendo solo.

    Mi problema con el Cat s60 es que es de norte América y para España no me coge el LTE 4g , solo me conecta al 2g . Alguien sabe como cambiar las bandas para utilizarlo en España ? Gracias y saludos a todos .

  4. Jonas Lithén

    I have not had any problems with parts coming of mine, but I bought it in 2018, so might have some improvements. But my major problem is FLIR draining the battery even if I close the app! If I use the FLIR once and shut it down it still stays on. I can hear it clicking=calibrating every now and then. Also it has terrible reception in some places where other phones have worked fine. Warranty service center does not seem to understand the FLIR issue. It is now for the 3rd time in warranty service, maybe they will give me a new one soon 🙂

  5. minavabalajal1

    in my case the phone stopped working after 1,5 year. random shutdowns no difference when you use any app or it sits on the table. sent it 2 times on warranty repair, still not working. screen flickering, random shutdowns. contacted costumer support they accused me using wrong charger. wtf??? rugged phone advertised as super durable any condition and you cant charge it with battery bank when you are out of civilization??? after 2. time receiving it from warranty repair it immediately turned itself of when i turned it on. no apps were installed, no charger where used, no memory card used. crappy phone for people who want durability and it has bad costumer service! i´m tired of waiting my phone warranty serviced for a month again. soon i will throw it in the sea and buy something else. even china phones work better in my case. don´t buy it, just don´t!

  6. nyuki187

    tbh i got to this vide trying to solve the clicking noises and battery drain it caused cos of using the FLIR in recent weeks.
    Just did a factory reset to try and solve it hopefully.
    I already glued the USB metal cover cos it started giving problems after 2 months.
    the back Carbon like mesh is long gone, it's a cheap sticker that started peeling off.
    I hope i solve the camera click/battery drain problem cos otherwise i'd be actually pissed off.
    phone isn't cheap and should have quality parts.
    yeah it suvived harsh falls without a problem, but having other parts come/fall off like it's low quality phone is not what you expect from a pricey flasgship phone built by CAT. actually it's the LASt thing i expected this phone to have.

  7. World Peace Deathray

    Only real problem with this phone is the shitty rear camera. Everyone has a different problem with the camera typically it's the lowlight performance but for me the camera is just straight up blurry. Frustrating coz the front facing camera actually outperforms the rear as a result! No support from CAT about this issue.

  8. Jack A.

    I just got cat S60 a few weeks ago. the touch screen gone out and is unresponsive. about 3 hours with tech support on a couple of sessions so far, and no fix, yet.

  9. Kennel Nordbornas

    The same with mine. That plastic strip did not stick and then it is not waterproof no more. That after 3-4 months. That sucks for such an expensive phone. As you say i could also buy a new model if they fixed the problems with it.

  10. Ali Baba

    Hello Mr. I own a Cat s60 phone but at it's back a little girl scratched the Carbon fiber case since that time and I am searching how to recover the Carbon fiber on its back please help me tell me the solution for this problem

    where to buy accessories parts for Cat s60 ?

  11. Oswald Cobblebot

    I feel you. Same here. For a flagman phone that is marketed as rugged, the build quality is unacceptable. USB charging port plastic cover fell off after two month use. After 1.5 year use the front speaker grill glued off and got lost, the textile strip underneath also glued off, leaving speaker ports exposed open. Tried to resolve it through customer service and repair shops – the attitude was – "we can't do anything, sorry". The camera specs are okay, but picture quality, unless in bright sunlight, is abismal. Either they have some strange sh*t qualty sensor, or the alhorythm running it is coded by amateurs. Also if running any processor-heavy app, i.e. photo stiching or just any graphically demanding app, the phone gets so ho to the level it is uncomfortable to hold. The only good thing about it still remains the thermal camera, but considering all the flaws, for the asking price, in retrospect, it is was madness to buy one. I will never buy another CAT phone. What a joke.

  12. Cliff Nichols

    I've had this phone for over 9 months without any of the issues listed below. I'm an avid hunter and outdoors man and it continues to work as advertised. Maybe my phone was one of the newer updated versions. The Flir helped me locate a deer last season so at this point the cost of the phone paid for itself. Just saying…

  13. Soulife

    On max volume on youtube and windows, still cant hear you..
    The last video i had the youtube volume at 20% and it was a little loud.. Just a friendly fyi, so if you record more videos you can make them audible.

  14. Glen Synergy

    mine was run over by a tractor trailer after sliding off my van roof and bouncing down the highway at 80mph. The metal sides are gouged, the back is full of road rash, the frame was bent into a u-shape and the screen cracked… HOWEVER, my microphone mesh is still intact and the phone still works. I took it apart and hammered the frame flat once again before installing a new screen. Anyone who wants to see PROOF can email me at "Wmannheimer@gmail.com" and I will gladly send you PROOF. Do not listen to this guy, he's talking trash.

  15. Javier K-Fighter.

    Do not buy this phone, I got one and had to send it for repairs 3 months after, it was replaced and the second one is coming apart in pieces and the repair cost for a cosmetic job is the same price of a new phone. The camera is terribly bad and the thermal imaging camera is really really slow. Don't waste your money, there are way better options out there. Cheers !

  16. Salt Vineger

    I got a problem with mine. I am hoping someone has a fix for. When I plug my phone in for charging. I get this message "Charging slowly", and it takes almost 26 hours to charge it to full. I tried multiple different cables, and still does the same thing. Any help would be appreciated.

  17. Stephen Thoms

    I have had the EU dual sim version for about 15 months. The charger cover has fallen off. The back has come open when dropped but all still works OK. My biggest problem is a big bulge on the back where the battery is. That has developed over the last few months. I hope all is OK. It also does run hot at times.

  18. Gary Chambers

    I have had this phone (cat S60) for a year now
    I am a carpenter
    I have had other" tough or military grade phones" this one is the best of them all
    I don't mean to abused my phone's but it happens in my line of business
    I have not had any of these issues this man has talked about
    I plan to get another one here in few months and use the old one as a back up
    it is a little bit expensive but if you buy a phone let's say an iPhone for $450 then you buy the FLIR attachment for the another $250 you end up paying more

    another thing he must be picking at the phone because I can tell it hasn't seen any work like a construction site

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