2019 Setting up your NEW Android Smartwatch: Tips, Tricks, and More!

Did you get a new Android smartwatch? Are you looking for some guidance on setting it up so you can get the most out of it? Would you like to know about some app you might want to try on your watch? You’re in the right place! A few apps are covered in this video, and more are listed below, many of them recommended by real watch users like you. Some are not available through Google anymore, and they are listed first. Have fun with your new watch, and don’t forget to subscribe! Remember, if you’re ever wondering if a topic has been reviewed here, use Google search or YouTube search and start with “smartwatchticks” followed by your search term, like “smartwatchticks custom watch faces”. You’ll be well on your way to learning all about your watch. Enjoy the journey!

NOTE: In the video I mention email addresses ending in “google.com” for logging into your Google account. Oops! I meant to say email addresses ending in “gmail.com”. Sorry if that was confusing.

Apps shown in this video (by order of appearance):

App Backup and Restore 1 –
(I prefer version 1, which is shown here in the video)
App Backup and Restore 2 –
Airdroid –
Mobizen Mirroring –
Floating Toucher –
Display Brightness –
Settings Search –
Cronosurf Wave Pro –
AlpineQuest GPS Hiking-
APUS Browser –
Google Handwriting input –
Google Gesture Search –
Google Keep –
Pocket –
Screen Filter –
SoundSnip –
Speech to Clipboard –
Volume Control –
Yahoo Weather –

NOTE: Several of the best apps are no longer in the Google Play Store. Not to worry, I’ve archived copies of them for you. Also, I’m keeping a list of many recommended apps you may want to Install on your Android Watch. This document will be updated from time to time, and the update date is shown at the top. Feel free to download it and use the links to find the apps you want in the Google Play Store. Here’s the folder with the list inside:


Do you have any watch apps you would like to recommend? Please leave them in a comment below so we can check them out! Remember, these watches use pure Android apps, not Android Wear apps. Thanks!

21 Replies to “2019 Setting up your NEW Android Smartwatch: Tips, Tricks, and More!”

  1. Luca

    To Transfer Android Packages (APKs) to the watch the easiest way is to use Bluetooth and your don't need any third party software just go to your file manager select the app then click share then Bluetooth and click your watch name. And you don't need WiFi perfect for on the go!

  2. Luca

    My personal favorite way of installing apps on my watch is to, go to the google play store with the same account on the watch on my computer ,then select the app that i want and click install and then a bunch of names will pop up like for example
    "Samsung Galaxy Note 9" and if you have the same account on your watch your watch name will pop up like "THOR 4 Plus" or "LEM X" and just tap it and it will automatically install on your watch! Try it for your self it works like magic!

  3. Trevor

    Could you please do a video like this for android wear devices please????? I got a Ticwatch E for Christmas today and I really want to know how to get the most out of it. Thank you for making these fantastic smart watch videos Mr. Ticks!!!!

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