2020 Huawei MateBook X Pro Vs 2020 MacBook Pro

How does Huawei’s latest laptop stack up against Apple’s best?

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  1. Mark Li

    The Huawei MateBook X Pro is a very good computer with 65w supercharge technology which charges more quickly when the computer is off or in sleep which charges up to 50% in 35 minutes which was likely quick enough for most people, but MacBook Pro has a slightly slower 61w charging which charges only up to 50% in 45 minutes which wasn't fast enough, so Huawei MateBook X Pro charges slightly faster, but they are both impressive laptops you should buy, now!

  2. Brad King

    Hi Ben, thank you for this video! By any chance have you played around with your electric drumkit on the Matebook Pro? I'm looking to see if it can handle using Protools or drum trigger software.
    Thank you!

  3. Antony Daniels

    The Turkish keyboard is like the UK Keyboard. Maybe the French and German are similar. On the MacBook pro, the Turkish keyboard has a smaller enter key. This is for the 2020

  4. Konstantinos Mpalatsos

    Do you think this particular laptop has any reason to be jealous over the other popular laptop lines, like the XPS series, the Lenovo's X1 Carbon or Apple's Macbook? This laptop seems to pack a lot of value for how much it costs and there doesn't seem to have a lot of hype around it around the Internet. Thanks!

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