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in this video i am reviewing the #2020ipadpro and answering all of your frequently asked questions! we go over how i use my ipad pro, opinion on the #Paperlike screen protector, if i like to take notes on my ipad, if it is worth the price or should you just get a cheaper one, and MORE! #ipadpro #ipad

I P A D V I D E O S :
-iPad customization + organization tips/tricks!! *aesthetic & easy* MUST DO!
-MY 2020 IPAD PRO ACCESSORIES (Cases, Paperlike Screen Protector, Apple Pencil Covers, + MORE)
-ipad or macbook for students: WHICH IS BETTER? | Can iPad Replace Laptop?
-HOW I USE MY IPAD PRO IN A DAY | day in the life with ipad

-2020 magic keyboard for ipad pro REVIEW!! should you buy this or the smart folio?
-what’s on my new 2020 ipad pro! *productivity AND creativity apps*
-unboxing the NEW 2020 iPAD PRO and APPLE PENCIL 2!!

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44 Replies to “2020 ipad pro (11 inch) REVIEW! | IS IT WORTH THE MONEY OR SHOULD YOU GET A CHEAPER MODEL?”

  1. PandaPuff 16

    You can’t get procreate on an iPad mini 2 I’ve tired so I am looking into getting a iPad mini 5 witch has Apple Pencil compatibility and is the “newest” iPad mini

  2. bloom 3021

    I want to get an Ipad Pro for my birthday. I also am afraid if I will lose the notes on the iPad so I am thinking of printing them out and then putting them in a binder, but then that just takes more time.

  3. Ploy P

    OMG I loved this vid! Julia i love how you are always positive! Your videos are always informative! Always supporting you!

    Btw I’m also have a small youtube channel

  4. kennedy galloway

    Do you think getting the newest version of the ipad mini would be too small of a screen to design on? Thank you so much for what you do! You have answered so many of my questions when it comes to apple products especially, ipads!! 🙂

  5. naiabalmes

    please do a video on how you grew your channel! youre the youtuber i watch that i can tell works hard to get where she is. so i wanna know how you do it pleaaaase

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