2020 iPad Pro 11 inch Review!

2020 iPad Pro 11 inch Review! Hello all and welcome to this full review of the 2020 Apple iPad Pro 11 inch. In this video we explore this tablet in all of it’s details to help you decide if this 11 inch model is going to be for you. The 2020 Apple iPad Pro 11 inch features an 11 inch IPS LCD Retina Display, 6GB of ram, Apple A12Z Bionic Chip, Dual 12MP 4K60P camera with LiDAR depth ToF sensor. The iPad also comes out of the box with iPadOS 13.4 that features trackpad support, mouse support, split screen apps, and many more features. If you purchase the 2020 iPad Pro 11 inch or 12.9 inch please consider sharing your experience with the community below to help others decide if this is going to be their next tablet. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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46 Replies to “2020 iPad Pro 11 inch Review!”

  1. dallaskyd

    I went ahead and cancelled my iPad 12.9 and ordered the 11 inch. I’d rather have a smaller screen for media than a bigger heavier screen

  2. Idris

    Wait what? Why would ya use a mouse pad when the whole enjoyment is touching the iPad and especially with that beautiful refresh rate 🤔

  3. feitans left ball

    brought this because my drawing tablet broke and heard that a lot of people use procreate on an ipad to draw, thought i would give it a go. wasn’t wrong, it’s overall really compatible and easy to use. would recommend 😊✨

  4. Kiki is Dumb

    I've been wanting this for a while my mom got me this as a surprise its not here yet but I'm super great full to my mom ☺️ and now I'm here watching this video 😂

  5. Daniel Vargo

    Just got my ipad pro 11inch 2020 128gb and I absolutely love it it's very smooth and powerful I love to draw and play pubg mobile and cod mobile couldn't ask for a better tablet

  6. The Lighthouse

    I bought the 2020 Mac Mini and iPad Pro so I could use the iPad as my main monitor for the mac mini. Unfortunately sidecar doesnt allow you to do that but I found a way and its awesome.

  7. Jessica Collins

    The shot with the car and the scene of the city reminded me of the International Auto Show at Cobo Hall in Detroit. Im just curious why are saying this is so great when a lot of other channels are practically screaming not to buy it.

  8. MaddyLeeReads

    I'm upgrading from an iPad 7 to this and I'm so excited. I got the 7 first because I wanted an iPad but didn't know if I would use it that much especially for school, but it's all I've been using for school paired with my MacBook Pro.

  9. Lisa Richardson

    Thank you so much for this video!! It helped me decide if i want to save up my money and get it or spend my money on something else. I think i'm gonna get it. Thank you again!!

  10. DavesArtBook

    I'm getting one in two days, mainly for art. I couldn't decide between this, the 12.9 or the air. I went for the 11 inch pro because of the extra power compared to the air, and because it's going to be more portable than carrying something around the size of a laptop screen. If you're from the future, reply to my comment and I'll let you know what it's like

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