2020 iPad Pro Review – Worth the Upgrade? | The Tech Chap

The 2020 iPad Pro boasts a faster A12z chip, 6GB RAM, Ultra Wide camera, LiDAR and Wi-fi 6. But is that enough reason to upgrade? Here’s my FULL REVIEW of the 2020 12.9-inch iPad Pro! Amazon US: – UK:

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27 Replies to “2020 iPad Pro Review – Worth the Upgrade? | The Tech Chap”

  1. Ashu Kemla

    Hi. I’m Ashu from India. I just got iPad Air 4. As, it has the same chassis, it has flex & it bends, it really does, even at slight pressure (when noticed carefully). I requested a replacement & that would be delivered next month. I’m too worried. I haven’t seen anything so expensive & so flimsy (I mean it, I didn’t expect that cz I already own an iPad Mini & that is really tough). But this new Air has too much flex in it. By any chance if you haven’t noticed it yet, take a look from sides like you see from a gun while twisting it even at very very low force. It’s too soft.

    Please let me know about your take on this (in-detail if possible cz I m really really worried) ?

  2. Justin

    I’m using an iPad Air 2; just ordered a new 2020 Pro 12.9 and got a new pair of air pods pro thrown in for $90. Accidentally washed one of my original air pods in the washer. If the new ipad released either this fall or spring is a worthy upgrade over the 2020 model. I’ll give the 2020 to my mom as a gift. I was thinking about upgrading my MacBook Air mid 2013 instead of upgrading my iPad Air 2 but to me the MacBooks are not much different than the one I already have and it still works and performs great. Plus when I ordered my MacBook I had it maxed out with all the best hardware. To me it was more of an upgrade for the ipad than the MacBook.

  3. robofthewest

    I have a 2013 iPad, and I just upgraded to this 1Pad Pro 12.9 (13!!!!), so I will be noticing a difference and I'm looking forward to it. I plan to use it when I travel.

  4. ItsVloggerBoy

    The weird things is… if you buy 12.9 inch IPAD PRO with the Magic Floating keyboard, it would cost a Macbook Air Intel i3 core.

    Then, if you want Macbook Air i5, its almost the same price of Macbook Pro. ;-;

    Edited: I am unsure of this because I look on the APPLE page, on the Edu. Shop for discounts, looking for my online class tool. But I can't afford it. 😭

  5. Growlord GT

    GUYS WAIT! The 2021 IPad Pro is going to have The A14X chipset and 5G the new chip is so powerful it is predicted to outperform the i9-9980Hk 16’ MacBook Pro!,

  6. Zahl0s

    Switched from 11 to 12.9. It’s perfect for the university and note taking. After finishing my studies —> right back to 11 😀 for sure

  7. cpchick81

    I am considering an iPad Pro 12.9" (2020). I'm looking for a a case that will protect the entire iPad and have cutouts for ports as well as that I can use a USB hub with the iPad still in its protective case. With my iPad 2 I use a screen protector and case with port cutouts and never take the case off. This way my iPad is well protected at all times.

    The videos I have seen use the case and USB hub seprately (they put the USB hub directly onto the iPad without any type of case).

    Some notice USB hubs do not slot in place securely on a variety of cases if a screen protector or hub (or both) is used. Do you know of any fairly priced and robust screen protectors and USB hub compatible cases that will let me protect my iPad Pro the same way I do my iPad 2? The iPad Pro 2020 seems an amazing device and it fits with what I use an iPad for. I just have these problems to solve if I am going to protect my iPad well and use the hub/ screen protector at the same time. I'm not looking to buy a keyboard or the apple pencil.

  8. Mario Gutierrez

    No proper HDR and LCD screen means I’m not upgrading this year. Rumor is the 2021 iPad Pro will have a mini LED display, and that’s what will deff get me to upgrade

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