2020 iPadPro 11" unboxing!!!! +lots of accessories, apple pencil, cases and more!!!

In this video I unbox the 2020 IPad Pro 11 inch!!! I also unboxed many accessories including two protective cases, the Apple Pencil second generation, a usb c adapter hub, the Smart Keyboard folio, Apple Pencil sleeves, and the Magic Mouse 2! Everything is linked below if you want to buy anything I showed in the video. Before making this video I watched so many other unboxing videos and I think what I showed were some of the best options!! So I did all the work for you if you were looking to buy any of these products by linking them down below!! I am NOT SPONSORED by any of these companies (lol I wish) these are all my own opinions and I genuinely like all of the products. Some of the links are affiliate so I get a small commission if you buy from them, but at no cost to you! So it’s a win win and it would mean the world!! Thanks for watching and please feel free to ask any question or leave any comments in the comment section because I love responding! Have an amazing day!!

USB C Hub Adapter:
This adapter has two USB ports, an SD card reader, a micro SD card reader, and a HDMI port. I use it to transfer footage from my camera to the Ipad and it works great!

Ipad case (sky blue):
This case comes in many different colors and it protects all corners of the Ipad. This is the one I am currently using because it matches the Apple Pencil sleeve.

Ipad case (purple):
This case is great it is very protective but thin enough where the Apple Pencil can charge even while it is in the pencil sleeve.

Apple Pencil skins/cases:
$10.99 (for two)
These skins were perfect because they were thin enough where the Apple Pencil could still fit in the slot of the case but still provided enough grip so the pencil does not slip out of your hand. You can still charge the pencil with both cases on!

Apple Pencil (second generation):
This pencil is great and very responsive. I use it every time I use the Ipad. If you want to do any drawing or note writing, you need this pencil for the great connivance.

Magic Mouse 2 (space gray):
Adding the mouse makes the Ipad feel just like a pc with a touch screen. The mouse is a little small but I have really big hands, but other than that the mouse is great but not an essential.

Smart Key Board Folio case:
This case really completes the computer look, and I think it works great its just a more compact and quiet keyboard than I’m used to.

2020 IPad Pro 11 inch (WiFi, space gray, 512gb):
I love the Ipad!!! Its really fast and works great with all the accessories. I got the 512 go which really jacked up the price. But the Ipad is much cheaper with less storage. I only got this much built in storage because I am planning on using it through college and I also use it for my videos which take up a lot of space. You can use the link and select how much storage you want right on the site. I’ve wanted an Ipad for the longest time and I’m so excited to start using it!! I forgot to buy a screen protector so if you want me to test out the Paper like one with the Apple Pencil then just let me know. Expect some organizational videos and note taking videos in the future!! If you read this super long description then you are my favorite!

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28 Replies to “2020 iPadPro 11" unboxing!!!! +lots of accessories, apple pencil, cases and more!!!”

  1. Kaitlyn C

    Yess! I love this so much! I ordered the silver 128 GB iPad Pro 11" and I'm trying to look for a case — thank you for including a small review in your description!

  2. Hannah Bearsch

    You seem like the sweetest human on earth!! My IPad comes in on Wednesday so i've been binge watching so many unboxing videos to pass the time and overall, yours is my favorite with all your excitement!! Hope you're enjoying your new toy! :3

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