25 Reasons Why iPhone XS Max Is Better Than Galaxy Note 9

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We cover 25 reasons why Apple iPhone XS Max could be considered better than Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This is part one of a two part video series.



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25 Reasons Why iPhone XS Max Is Better Than Galaxy Note 9


42 Replies to “25 Reasons Why iPhone XS Max Is Better Than Galaxy Note 9”

  1. Jonathan Felix

    I think the repair point was completely wrong. They make it almost impossible to repair even the smallest of thing on an iphone. Like on one of their phones if you broke the back glass you had to buy a whole new one because they made it impossible to repair it even by them.

  2. Mitsumpria

    Some of the reasons are true, but some are false.

    You can turn off the Navigation Bar, and when you want to watch Movies on the iPhone, the NOTCH covers much more of the screen, than the edges do.

  3. Actual Donut

    Imagine only having face ID and a pin instead of a pin, face ID with retina scans, touch ID, pattern locks, and being able to sign to open your phone lmao.

  4. Truth

    Ok yeah this is more or less just biased seems like this guy is barely familiar with the Android platform, let alone the Samsung note line. Both devices are great, and he did the apple brand no Justice either. Other than that interesting clip, there were some things he pointed out I wasn't aware of, and made me appreciate apple more as a brand, though I'm an avid note 9 user.

  5. Kero Two

    This comment section and lack of views compared to the other video clearly shows how toxic and bigoted Android users are. Y'all are the cancer of the tech community.

  6. anton ig

    Dude. In an objetive way, so sad you made this video not so far but so close before Android Pie and OneUI release. Now Note9 has like 30 more new features.

  7. Aaron

    This helped me to finally switch from Android to iPhone. Although I got the XR it still has all these features. The main thing that sold me – performance. I'm sick of laggy Android phones. Also it's good to see that the iPhone will continue to receive updates for a long time.

  8. Amitabh Tapadar

    Reason 1: ✔
    Reason 2: ✔
    Reason 3: ❌ The intuitiveness of the software differs from person to person. And about the folders, who obsesses over such tiny details?
    Reason 4: ❌ In certain areas outside the USA, like in India, Samsung stores are many more in number than Apple stores.
    Reason 5: ✔
    Reason 6: ✔ But only if you are completely in the Apple ecosystem.
    Reason 7: ❌ Backups are equally efficient on Android phones. Besides, it is complicated to transfer data from an iPhone to an Android phone, but easier to do the opposite.
    Reason 8: ✔ However, the Note9 does have a searching option that shows app and content within the apps, though not Web content.
    Reason 9: ❌ Heard of Allo or WhatsApp? The Anomoji feature, however, did first appear in iMessages.
    Reason 10: ✔
    Reason 11: ✔
    Reason 12: ✔
    Reason 13: ❌ You have locked your navigation bar on the Note9. If you double tap the small dot to the left of the navigation bar, it will get unlocked and will appear only when you swipe up from the bottom. Also the Note9 has a bigger and better display, unhindered by a notch. Also the screen edge does have some disadvantages, but a host of advantages such as edge notifications, etc.
    Reason 14: ❌ The Note9 also has face identification, along with iris scanning, passwords, pins, patterns and the fingerprint scanner, which some people prefer.
    Reason 15: ✔
    Reason 16: ✔
    Reason 17: ❔ This video is about the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Note9, not about the iPhone 8+ and the Samsung Note8.
    Reason 18: ✔ However, apps are gradually becoming Android – oriented as well.
    Reason 19: ✔ There is a slew of Note9 accessories as well in the market now, however.
    Reason 20: ✔
    Reason 21: ✔
    Reason 22: ❌ Samsung has had the exact same feature, called Adaptive Display, for a longer time.
    Reason 23: ✔
    Reason 24: ✔
    Reason 25: ✔ However, bear in mind that the Note9 also has two cameras on the back with an AR Emoji feature that can be used in conjunction with the great cameras.
    So, all in all only 17 reasons are valid. Maybe you should do a better comparison the next time.

  9. Ang Kai En

    Why Apple fans seldom give a shit to Samsung fans? Becoz Apple fans mostly are smart and don’t give any shit to any hatred comment by Samsung fans.

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