25 Reasons Why OnePlus 6 Is Better Than iPhone X

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We go over 25 reasons why the OnePlus 6 could be considered better than the Apple iPhone X. Counter reasons in favor of the iPhone X are included at the end of the video.

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25 Reasons Why OnePlus 6 Is Better Than iPhone X


23 Replies to “25 Reasons Why OnePlus 6 Is Better Than iPhone X”

  1. PhoneBuff

    Didn't think I'd be able to come up with 25 reasons for the OnePlus 6 considering its price. Pretty impressive! The iPhone X's 25 reasons are listed starting at 8:34. Which phone has the stronger reasons to you?

  2. Kiara Baas

    Hi there, is there any chance you have a video with setting your photo over to your apple macbook? I have a oneplus and i can't get my photos of my phone..
    Can you help me?

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