25+ Tips and Tricks for New iPad Pro 2018 11-Inch Model

In this video I will share 25+ tips and tricks for your new 2018 iPad Pro 11 Inch Model. Same tips and tricks also apply to the new iPad Pro 12.9 Inch model as well as other iPad’s running on iOS 12.

The New iPad Pro 11 Inch starts at $800, and with an Apple Pencil, the cost could run as much as $929 for a base setup. So after spending all this money, it is essential you learn as much as you can to master your iPad Pro 2018 model.

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23 Replies to “25+ Tips and Tricks for New iPad Pro 2018 11-Inch Model”

  1. Lenore Bell

    I was going to purchase the 11” 256gb iPad Pro yesterday, but on the Apple website the price is $799.00 plus $149.00 if you want Wi-Fi . I have an iPad Pro and an earlier version of iPad, and I did not have to pay to have Wi-Fi enabled. I purchased the 11” at Costco for $799.00, but I feel like Apple is wrong to charge extra to enable Wi-Fi. Does anyone understand why Apple is stating starting price as $799.00 then charging to enable Wi-Fi?

  2. inhaleexhale

    Do you know if there is a way to add a function to the iPad Pro’s clock—something that will show the seconds along with the hours and the minutes? I have not been able to find a setting nor an app for this. I would prefer that it show up in the default view on the iPad Pro in the upper left-hand corner. But I would accept a widget if I absolutely had to.

  3. inhaleexhale

    Hey sakitech I tried the lock screen Apple Pencil note taking trick but it didn’t work for me. I have Face ID enabled; not sure if that is the reason.

  4. inhaleexhale

    Hey sakitech thanks for another great video. I have a question; has YouTube removed the ability in iOS 12 to search content within a channel? I no longer see this option. For example, if I want to search all of your videos for iPad Pro keyboard. Thanks!

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