25+ Tips and Tricks for your iPhone Xr

In this video, we are going to share 25+ tips, tricks and features of the new iPhone Xr.

iPhone Xr runs on iOS 12 and has several useful features to enhance your ownership.

So let’s dive in and discover.

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25 Replies to “25+ Tips and Tricks for your iPhone Xr”

  1. Princess Ginwood EVPeace

    Saki I have a Question??? Will the IPhone X case fit the XR ? This is an Awesome Video, I’m getting my iPhone XR on Wednesday. I was happy with my iPhone X but unfortunately I accidentally ran it over with my car.??This was the Only time I didn’t purchase the insurance.That was a bad decision on my part. I will be rewatching this video when I get my XR Phone. Thank you!

  2. TrishKT

    You know? The fact that you actually make mention of how your phone security can be compromised by someone other than the owner is quite extraordinary! Who would have known that, for FaceID for example, someone might try to grab your phone while you're sleeping and put the phone in front of your face – who would even think of doing that???? You actually make the FaceID feature sound like a security risk! Anywho, thanks for the other tips. Just be mindful of giving ideas aways of security tampering

  3. julie weismann

    Absolutely brilliant, very appreciative, sir!! Watched last night before getting my XR today & just watched it again, on my new phone!! You helped me know how to at least navigate on it, when it was handed to me. World of difference from my 8, thank you for making me feel somewhat informed from the get-go in the Sprint store, and very informed & customized now!

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